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Health IT Firms Insightin Health and Payspan Collaborate to Offer Member-Provider Engagement Solution for Health Plans


Insightin Health, a provider of data-driven decision-making technology
for healthcare member acquisition, retention and engagement, and
Payspan, a leading provider of automated payment and reimbursement
solutions for health plans and providers, today announced a strategic
partnership. The two companies will offer a unique solution for health
plans that engages both members and providers in value-based care to
effectively close care gaps and improve patient outcomes.

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Together, the two companies will offer a platform that integrates their
solutions, enabling health plans and providers to have complete
visibility to identify patient-member care gaps, understand what quality
measures need to be taken, and benefit from data insights about member
behavior. By sharing this valuable information with each other,
providers and health plan care managers can work together to effect care
gap closures that improve health outcomes, facilitate quality care and
reduce costs for health plans.

Payspan's Quality Incentive Communication System (QICS) facilitates a
two-way exchange of quality information via attachments between health
plans and providers, leveraging its secure e-payments network. The
Payspan network is the largest in the healthcare industry, connecting
more than 750 health plans, 1.3 million provider payees and 1 million
consumers. Health plans access QICS to share care gap alerts, guidance
for quality measures and incentive reports. Providers, in turn, share
proof of care cap closures to earn incentives.

QICS solves a significant dilemma for health plans, who struggle to
engage providers with limited staff and resources for processing
paperwork and applying complex value contracts. QICS gives providers
instant access to a network of plans and the ability to boost their
bottom line without having to exhaust internal resources.

Insightin Health is the only single platform that delivers a
personalized experience for the complete life-cycle of member
acquisition, retention and engagement. The artificial intelligence
(AI)-driven platform leverages health data and social determinants to
identify the best possible ways to communicate with members on a
one-to-one level. By utilizing the platform, health plans can improve
membership engagement, lower churn and increase measurement adherence.
Clients usually experience an ROI of 5:1 within the first year.

Providers play a significant role in improving member engagement. The
newly integrated approach with Payspan will allow the Insightin Health
platform to provide health plans with complete measurement alignment and
incentive transparency for providers as well as members.

"We saw a real opportunity to offer a solution that no other company has
been able to develop, one that connects health plans and providers to
improve star ratings and that provides one vendor to engage both
providers and members," says Insightin's CEO Enam Noor. "What we're
pioneering is groundbreaking because doctors don't get access to
insights about their patients beyond their visits, and health plans need
help engaging providers," he says.

"We are so excited to partner with Insightin to offer a comprehensive
member-provider engagement tool that helps health plans improve quality
care through care gap closures, reduce cost through an electronic
medical records exchange, and drive health plan revenue," says Payspan's
Chief Product Officer Ben Lazar, who led the team that developed QICS.
"We saw it as the perfect fit that we could share our data about
provider care gap closure activity with Insightin, which has the
platform and capability to present the data in clear insights that can
be helpful to health plans in achieving value-based care."

Learn more about Insightin's
Member Engagement Platform
or Payspan's Quality
Incentive Communications System

About Insightin Health

Insightin Health is the industry's only single platform that provides
data-driven decision-making technology for the complete life-cycle of
the healthcare member journey to improve member acquisition, retention,
and engagement. The artificial intelligence (AI)-driven technology
leverages health data and social determinants of health information to
identify consumer behavior to make recommendations to improve
participation. Health plans gain quality membership and lower churn with
increased measure adherence. For more information, visit

About Payspan

Payspan is the nation's leading provider of healthcare reimbursement and
payment automation services, leveraging one of the largest healthcare
networks in the United States to drive value-based care reimbursement,
improve the patient experience and reduce costs for health plans and
providers. Payspan connects more than 750 health plans, 1.3 million
provider payees and 1 million consumers to facilitate alternative
payment and reimbursement solutions and the exchange of meaningful
healthcare information.

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