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A.M. BestTV at VCIA: Traditionally Low Profile, the Captive Sector Draws Increasing Scrutiny


In this A.M.BestTV episode from the annual Vermont Captive
Insurance Association (VCIA) conference in Burlington, VT, executives
say captive insurers are drawing increased attention from regulators,
tax authorities and their own sponsors.

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Rich Smith, president of the VCIA, said states are changing the way they
look at and value captives.

"States are looking at captives a potential way to grow their tax base,
which would be fine if they were treating captives fairly," said Smith.
"I think the problem is what we are seeing is that some states are
utilizing their insurance and tax laws in a way that really don't
comport to a growing, thriving captive industry."

Julie Boucher, U.S. captive practice leader at Marsh, noted the
increased scrutiny on captives coming from many fronts.

"There are more and more parties that want to become involved in how a
captive operates, what it does, what it is not allowed to do and to try
to render some type of judgment on captives," said Boucher.

Also appearing in this episode:

  • Carol Frey, vice president, Great American Insurance Group; and
  • Dan Towle, president, Captive Insurance Companies Association.

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