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Professional Fighters League (PFL) Continues to Reimagine MMA Securing $28 Million Investment from Sports, Entertainment & Business Titans Including Kevin Hart, Mark Burnett, Tony Robbins, & Ted Leonsis


PFL Athletes Compete in Regular Season, Playoffs, Championship
Format: First Time Ever in Combat Sports

PFL 2018 Season Underway & Available Live on NBC Sports Network &
Worldwide on Facebook Watch

The Professional Fighters League (PFL) announced it has closed $28
million Series B equity investment from a group of sports,
entertainment, and business titans, including Kevin Hart, actor,
comedian, and entrepreneur; Mark Burnett, Chairman Worldwide Television
Group MGM, unscripted TV pioneer, and producer; Tony Robbins, legendary
speaker, author, entrepreneur, and life-strategist; and Ted
Leonsis, majority owner of NHL 2018 Stanley Cup Champion Washington
Capitals and NBA Washington Wizards, as well as a sports-tech visionary.

Additional investors in this PFL Series B round include: Elysian Park
Ventures; SWaN Ventures; Debra Cafaro, Chairman/CEO, Ventas Inc. and
Minority Owner of the Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL); Mark Leschly, Managing
Partner, Iconica Ventures; and Brandon Beck, co-founder of Riot
Games and co-creator of League of Legends.

The Professional Fighters League is the first ever to bring the
fan-friendly sports calendar format to mixed martial arts
(MMA), where individual fighters compete in a regular season,
single-elimination playoff, and season-ending championship.
This same format has ignited audiences, built media value, and delivered
for sponsors in major sports leagues such as the NFL, NBA, MLB & NHL.

"I once said ‘If you get kicked in the face you deserve it, since you
saw the foot coming' … that was before I became an investor in the
Professional Fighters League!" said Kevin Hart, PFL Investor. "I love
sports, and the PFL is my favorite new sport to watch. The PFL fights
are the most exciting in MMA as every fight means something, with
fighters working to win a spot in the playoffs and the opportunity at
their share of the $10 million. I became an investor as I believe the
PFL is the future of MMA."

"I invested because I am certain that the next evolution of MMA is this
Professional Fighters League," added Mark Burnett, PFL investor. "The
fighters must win to move ahead. It's MMA meets March Madness."

"PFL empowers fighters to control their own destiny, which is new for
MMA," said Tony Robbins PFL investor. "PFL is a meritocracy, giving all
fighters an equal fair shot, which is what life and sports is all about."

PFL 2018 Season has 72 Elite MMA fighters in 6 weight-classes. Each
fighter competes in two fights in the PFL Regular Season on Thursday
nights in June, July, and August. The top 8 fighters in each
weight-class based on results advance to the single-elimination PFL
Playoffs in October. The PFL Championship is New Year's Eve, which will
be the most dynamic night in MMA history, with six back-to-back title
bouts and history-making $10 million total prize pool.

The PFL 2018 Season is underway and the differentiated format
and innovative scoring have already caught the attention of die-hard
fans as well as those new to MMA. The PFL season format is providing
fans with authentic, interesting stories as they follow the journey of
the fighters. The PFL fights have been exciting, with 75% ending in
knockout or submission due to the PFL proprietary scoring system which
awards bonus points for early finishes.

"PFL is re-imagining MMA with a regular season, playoffs, and
championship," commented Ted Leonsis, PFL investor. "The PFL sport
format is going to bring a major new audience to MMA which is great for
PFL media distribution partners and PFL brand sponsorship partners."

"We started the Professional Fighters League for the 300 million MMA
fans worldwide who have an appetite for exciting new fights and
innovative content," said Donn Davis, Co-Founder and Chairman of the
Board of the Professional Fighters League. "The PFL is reimagining MMA
with a regular season, playoffs, and earned championships, providing MMA
fans the transparency, storytelling, and context that exist in all other
major sports."

"Fans have enthusiastically responded to the PFL, with over 2.5 million
people viewing PFL4," said Pete Murray, CEO of PFL, "Our fights are
as exciting and our broadcast is as good as other MMA companies that
have been around for decades, and we're just getting started."

The PFL Regular Season concludes with its final two events – PFL6
Thursday August 16 and PFL7 Thursday August 30 – at the magnificent
Ocean Resort and Casino in Atlantic City. The Ocean Resort and Casino is
the newest venue in Atlantic City, and the entire property opened this
summer to rave reviews after a re-development by PFL Investor and real
estate mogul Bruce Deifik.


The Professional Fighters League (PFL) presents MMA for the first time
in the sport format where individuals compete in a regular season,
playoffs, and championship. Co-founded by Donn Davis, Russ Ramsey, and
Mark Leschly, the Professional Fighters League is backed by an ownership
group of sports, media, and business titans. PFL 2018 Season has 72
Elite MMA fighters in 6 weight-classes, with each fighting twice in the
PFL Regular Season in June, July, and August. The top 8 fighters in each
weight-class advance to the single-elimination PFL Playoffs in October.
The PFL Championship is New Year's Eve with the final bouts in each of
six weight classes competing for the $10 million prize pool.
The PFL 2018 Season is broadcast live on NBC Sports Network
(NBCSN) and streamed live worldwide on Facebook Watch. For more info

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