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Recent Advances and Approach Towards Nucleic Acid Delivery System 2015-2018 & 2020 -


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Advances and Approach Towards Nucleic Acid Delivery System"

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Globally, North America dominates the nucleic acid aptamer market, due
to its favorable policies for clinical trials, which is driving the
market growth. It is estimated that nucleic acid aptamer market will
reach nearly $5.4 billion by 2020, with a compound annual growth rate
(CAGR) of 73.5% from 2015 to 2020.

RNAi therapeutics is now started taking momentum after successful
clinical trials for different siRNA-based therapies, primarily for
neural disorders and cancers. Their specificities in terms of
post-transcriptional gene silencing have already been well established
and many small and big players are engaged in designing and patenting
novel RNAi sequences. Designing specific sequences for specific disease
or disorders does not complete the invention, but it does also require
maneuvering specific delivery agents for targeted delivery. Lipid based
delivery agents are primarily used for delivering different RNAi
molecules, but other chemical agents such as peptides, DAEA-dextran etc.
and biological agents such as viral particles have also been tried and

Based on the drug delivery and therapeutics applications the RNAi market
is segmented. The drug delivery of RNAi is further divided into nucleic
acid drug delivery technology, aptamer drug delivery technology,
nanoparticle drug delivery technology, and pulmonary drug delivery
technology. Therapeutic application market further segmented into
oncology, cardiology, ophthalmology, neurology and metabolic disorders.
Nanoparticle based drug delivery is largest sub-segment, however,
aptamer drug delivery technology is the fastest growing segment.

More than fifteen hundred clinical trials for nucleic acid delivery are
ongoing worldwide. Approximately 55% are in the primary clinical
development stage and 4% in phase III trials which shows that nucleic
acid delivery market is growing rapidly.

Geographically IP filing activity

In Asia, less filing has been observed in this domain in 2017. Japan is
the most active jurisdiction, followed by China , Korea and India.

Key Coverage

  • Overview of Nucleic acid delivery, including unique challenges,
    categories of RNA interference (RNAi) used for therapy, specific
    carriers and technique of delivering nucleic acid, role of delivery
    systems in therapy and disease covered.
  • Different nucleic acids used for therapy such as SiRNA, miRNA, mRNA,
    shRNA, gRNA. Studies on current academic research and industry trend,
    geographical distribution of therapeutics, key diseases targeted for
    treatment, clinical trials for different diseases, different delivery
    agents and techniques to deliver nucleic acid utilized.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Technology Overview

2. Technology Insights

3. Geographical distribution

4. Partnership/Collaboration/Licensing

5. Nucleic acid delivery - Market overview

6. Nucleic acid delivery: Market Determinants

7. Nucleic acid delivery: Opportunity Vs. Restraints

8. Nucleic acid delivery: Strategic Analysis SWOT & PEST

9. Nucleic acid delivery: Market Development

10. Nucleic acid delivery: Recent advancements and future trend

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