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The Lex Group Celebrates 50 Years


LexWest, LexCentral and Douglass Logistics Create Decades of Rapid

Today, the Lex Group is proud to celebrate its 50 Year
Anniversary as one of the largest flat rolled steel and metal
distributors in North America. With locations in Los Angeles and
Chicago, the Lex Group credits its rapid growth over the last five
decades to expanded distribution throughout the nation, meeting customer
needs and achieving successful business imperatives. Lex Group currently
distributes more than 240,000 tons of steel per year to its diverse
customer base.

"Wow, it's hard to believe it's already been 50 years. We are thrilled
to have met this huge milestone as it is a testament to our hard work
and dedication to our team, family, partners and customers," said Robert
Douglass, CEO of the Lex Group.

"Transitioning from Lexington Steel to The Lex Group was truly a team
effort and we couldn't have done it without the support of our customers
and partners," said Paul Douglass, COO of the Lex Group and president at
LexWest. "We are excited for another 50 years and are optimistic about
the future growth of the company."

"The industry we thrive in is fluctuating constantly and we have been
able to experience consistent growth throughout. I'm proud to have
walked this journey with my dad, brother and Tim McFarland who has been
instrumental in building this company since its founding," said Bill
Douglass, president at LexCentral.

Company History

The Lex Group, previously known as Lexington Steel, was established in
1968 by the Maroscia family as a small steel service center on Lexington
Avenue in Chicago. It originally operated one slitter that processed
steel that various manufacturers purchased from the mills in Northwest
Indiana, eventually moving to its central location in Bedford Park.

In 1990, the Maroscia family sold their business to Robert Douglass and
a group of investors in which it remained as a family-owned business
under Douglass' leadership with his sons and Tim McFarland. After the
acquisition, Lexington Steel created LexCentral and experienced rapid
financial growth and doubled in size within the first five years while
creating supply chain solutions for many of America's largest

In 2000, LexWest was created to expand distribution into the Western
United States and Mexico. Paul Douglass, son of Robert Douglass, grew
LexWest into one of the most successful service centers in the U.S.
which encouraged future entrepreneurial endeavors.

In 2008, Bill Douglass, another son of Robert Douglass, started Douglass
Logistics, a trucking company that hauls materials for major steel mills
and numerous manufacturing customers in the Chicago region.

To facilitate the growth and expansion of LexWest, LexCentral and
Douglass Logistics, the Lex Group was established to accurately reflect
the nationwide distribution network that has been created over the years.

These companies function independently with the additional benefit of
purchasing power, backend consolidation and economies of scale. The
scope of product lines, markets, and distribution networks allows the
Lex Group to offer an extensive array of products while enjoying the
quick and nimble service that has been associated with the Lex companies
since the start in 1968.

In celebration of the monumental milestone, the Lex Group will be
holding a company picnic on August 10th for employees,
families and friends. In addition, a plant tour will take place before
the picnic in which local and national media are invited to learn more
about the company's processes and successes.

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About The Lex Holding Company

The Lex Holding Company is the parent company of the Lex Group and a
group of subsidiaries that distribute flat rolled steel and other
related metal products to solve the challenges that North American
manufacturers and distributors face every day. Its businesses offer full
production and logistical support with distribution facilities in the
Midwest, South, and Western United States. For more information, please

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