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The market is principally determined by the aging population around the
world. The aging population thusly increases the hospitalization rate,
which increases the demand for implants. The overall increment in Gross
Domestic Product (GDP) per capita prompts expanding healthcare
expenditure, which thus drives the market growth. Increasing investment
in healthcare infrastructure in developing economies by industries gives
noteworthy open door for the future development of the battery-free
implants market.

It was obvious from the beginning that if an electrical device was to be
fitted inside our heart there would be some complications: Battery
failure, over-sensing (this occurs when pacer faces difficulty in
differentiating electrical activity and stops correct pacing), under
sensing, pacemaker syndrome, contamination of pacer through the skin,
lead dislodgement. The problems are not limited to only pacemakers and
hearts, but these also imply other life-saving devices like
defibrillators and dialysis.

Every few years or so patients must go under surgery for replacement of
battery and leads. Scientist and researchers have come up with methods
that would charge the batteries by making them self-powered, i.e.
charging the implants by using body motion, metabolites, body heat, body
fluids etc.

Alternatives that can act as a power source:

  • Implants driven by blood glucose
  • Utilizing energy from the body's own muscles
  • Implants recharged by radio waves
  • Organic bio supercapacitor

These innovations may lead to battery-free implantable device
irreplaceable and offer a convincing development to battery free
implants technology for patients in future.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Project Overview

2. Executive Summary

3. Battery Free Implants: Technology Overview

4. Technological Insights Upfront: Battery Free Implants

5. Competitive Assessment

6. Global Battery Free Implants Market: Market Characterization

7. Global Battery Free Implants Market: Product Pipeline Analysis

8. Global Battery Free Implants Market: Consolidation Landscape

9. Appendix

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