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Over the last few decades, Gene editing took a new turn with the
discovery of CRISPR and its variant Cas9. CRISPR not only gave a new
image to gene editing but also raised the standards for new findings.
Since the evolution of CRISPR technology, it has been widely exploited
in almost every cell type; whether it is gene altered embryos to disease
free pigs for organ transplant, CRISPR is filling almost all the voids.

Being such a versatile tool, it has played a crucial role in managing
the challenges faced by farmers/plant pathologists to fulfill the needs
of growing population. The influencing factor for the escalated growth
of CRISPR-Cas system are progressive gene therapy, disease prevalence,
GM Crops, grants/funding etc. The present report studies application of
CRISPR in agrisciences in past 20 years.

The key players (Maximum filing) in CRISPR-Cas system in agrisciences
are: Dow, Harvard college, Pioneer hi bred int. etc.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Executive Summary

1.1 Scope of the Research

1.2 Project Approach

1.3 Methodology

1.4 Key Findings

2. Technology Overview

2.1 Genome editing: Deliberate alteration of a selected DNA seq. in a
living cell

2.2 Evolution of Engineered Nucleases

2.3 Potential Technologies for gene editing

2.4 CRISPR/Cas - Genome Scissors with find & replace feature

2.4 Global Mining Covering CRISPR/Cas in agrisciences

2.4 Insights on Maximum studied species & target gene

3. CRISPR/Cas in Agrisciences

3.1 Utilizing CRISPR/Cas for biomass production

3.2 Exploiting CRISPR/Cas for stress tolerance

3.3 CRISPR/Cas for Herbicide, insect resistance

3.4 Tweaking gene for restoring fertility

3.5 CRISPR/Cas mediated gene alterations for improving Plant height

3.6 CRISPR based Sugars and acrylamide in cold-stored vegetables

3.7 CRISPR based gene alterations for enhanced floral characteristics
for ornamentals

3.8 Altered oil profile

3.9 Delayed fruit ripening

3.10 Analysis of CRISPR Applications patents of Leading Patent Holders

3.11 White Space Analysis

4. Trends & Future Perspectives

4.1 Companies at the leading edge of CRISPR Technology (agrisciences)

4.2 Universities at the leading edge of CRISPR Technology (agrisciences)

4.3 Patent filing activity in various jurisdictions, distribution among
Industry vs institute

4.4 Patent Quality (Based on Citation Analysis)

4.5 New entrants

4.6 Cross domain Assignee

4.7 Collaborations/Acquisitions/Licensing Activity of top ten players

4.8 Strategies of Companies working in the Domain for sustenance

4.9 Key Litigations in the domain (based on freely available sources)

4.10 Press releases

4.11 Recent Research Across CRISPR/Cas in agrisciences

4.12 Rise of the second son: CRISPR/Cpf1 & other nucleases

Companies Mentioned

  • Dow
  • Harvard college
  • Pioneer hi bred int.

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