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Radiant Logic Highlights Unified Identity Service to Drive IAM/CIAM Initiatives


Radiant Logic to Showcase RadiantOne Federated Identity & Directory
Service Based on Virtualization at the Upcoming Gartner Catalyst Show in
San Diego on August 20-23, 2018.

As the inventor of virtual directory technology, Radiant Logic has long
been the leader in identity virtualization. Virtual directories are
described by Gartner in its July 2018 Hype Cycle for Identity and
Access Management Technologies, 2018
as entering mainstream adoption
in less than two years. Radiant has now innovated beyond the traditional
virtual directory to provide an advanced identity and directory service
that expands the reach of Fortune 1000 companies, government agencies,
and other large-scale organizations with complex identity
infrastructures and customer-driven digital transformation agendas.

As identity shifts from traditional on-premises directories and
applications silos to cloud services, the definitions of "identity" and
"directory" are also changing. Hard-coding connections and one-off links
between individual data stores and the applications they serve no longer
works in an age where identity "profiles" are the key to security and
transactions. Today's identity-as-a-service needs to be both unified and
ubiquitous, tailored to each application and easily available
everywhere. The RadiantOne FID platform provides a complete and
integrated identity service that's purpose-built for today's security
and business challenges, transforming complex identity infrastructures
into a reusable service, architected around hubs-and-spokes to deliver
customized, up-to-date identity data wherever it's needed, from data
centers to cloud directories.

RadiantOne FID: Delivering the "I" in IAM and CIAM

For sizable organizations, managing identity across diverse
infrastructures built over time is already a significant challenge. But
using that identity to drive new initiatives is even more difficult,
whether that's digital transformation efforts aimed at significantly
increasing customer ease and satisfaction, quickly enabling secure
access to newly merged or acquired companies, or shifting identity
operations to the cloud and cloud directories. Much of the focus in the
identity and Access Management (IAM) space—as well as customer IAM
(CIAM)—is focused on the access side of the equation. RadiantOne FID
offers companies a virtualization-driven solution for the identity side
of IAM, extending all their existing investments while enabling new
initiatives from across the entire spectrum of identity and security.

"RadiantOne FID offers the world's only complete identity service for
IAM and CIAM," said Michel Prompt, co-founder and CEO of Radiant Logic.
"This service consists of two integral elements: An identity
virtualization and integration layer
that transforms heterogeneous
identity into the precise profiles required by every application and HDAP,
big data-driven directory that stores and delivers that
unified identity everywhere it's needed, from enterprise to web to cloud
and cloud directories. With RadiantOne FID, companies can quickly build
an infinitely flexible, scalable identity layer on top of their existing
investments, then store and sync that ideal identity at big data speeds,
scaling to hundreds of millions of users and queries. Now it's fast and
easy to transform and deliver identity, exactly how and where it's

A Unified Identity to Drive Every Initiative

As the identity landscape becomes more complex and fragmented, being
able to deliver a complete, unified identity out of heterogeneous
stores—Active Directory, LDAP, SQL, and Web Services—is becoming
increasingly imperative. Whether companies are dealing with WAM or cloud
SSO, directory consolidation or migration, integrating user bases after
M&As, or delivering a 360-degree view of their customers, RadiantOne FID
provides a reusable infrastructure that helps companies quickly respond
to new demands and opportunities—in days and weeks, instead of months
and years.

"With our federated identity and directory service, it's easy for our
customers to rationalize and renew their legacy investments while
powering new priorities, such as securing employee identities by hosting
and syncing AD on any cloud directory or developing hybrid environments
where customer identities can be stored on-prem as well as in the
cloud," said Dieter Schuller, VP of Business Development at Radiant
Logic. "Our customers tend to be large and growing multinational
companies or massive government agencies, with extensive investments in
identity and an extreme need for data security. We're excited to offer
so much flexibility and performance in a single platform, enabling our
customers to pursue the most advanced customer-driven, cloud- and
mobile-friendly initiatives on the planet."

Don't Miss Radiant at the Gartner Catalyst Conference!

Be sure to join the Radiant team at booth 401 in the Manchester Grand
Hyatt in San Diego. Discover how the RadiantOne FID federated identity
and directory service can enable new initiatives in a fraction of the
time—with no custom coding. You'll also want to attend the "How
Centene Beat the Identity Integration Roadblock"
speaking session on
Monday, August 20 from 3:30-4:15 pm in Seaport F, where you'll learn
about the IAM Integration Playbook the Centene identity team developed
to integrate newly acquired companies and provide IAM services near
integration day 1. In this session, you'll explore how Centene created a
simplified, repeatable deployment model for future acquisitions that
greatly decreased the timeline for integrating new users, while also
increasing standardization in the process.

About Radiant Logic

As the market-leading provider of federated identity systems based on
virtualization, Radiant Logic delivers simple, standards-based access to
all identity within an organization. The RadiantOne FID federated
identity and directory service enables customizable identity views built
from disparate data silos—along with scalable sync and storage—to drive
critical authentication, authorization, and provisioning decisions for
WAM, federation, cloud, and cloud directory deployments. Many Fortune
1000 companies rely on RadiantOne FID to deliver quick ROI by reducing
administrative effort, simplifying integration and storage, and building
a flexible infrastructure to meet changing business demands. For more
information, visit

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