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Opanga Networks Announces Commercial Availability of Radio Aware (v)EPC Innovations


Transformational software solutions company releases latest
generation machine-learning network densification technology for 4G and
5G networks

today announced commercial availability of the company's
latest generation of software-based RAN densification solutions. These
solutions target the ever-increasing cycle of spectrum shortages,
growing costs of network densification, and declines in consumer
experience resulting from 100 percent year-over-year traffic growth on
mobile networks.

Opanga's newest generation of Radio Aware (v)EPC software technologies

  • Second-by-second Self Organizing Networks (SoN) enablement
  • Self-organizing traffic optimization
  • Traffic-aware cell site load-balancing
  • Traffic-aware carrier aggregation
  • Throughput-guided (congestion-aware) Transmission Control Protocol
    (TCP) optimization

"Opanga delivers software solutions to mobile operators that immediately
provide stunning ROI," said Dave Gibbons, CEO, Opanga Networks. "Our
customers often are surprised that during a one-hour maintenance window
they can launch our software network-wide and see an immediate and
significant increase, up to 40 percent in subscriber throughput measured
in their eNodeB RAN KPIs."

These instant-response throughput increases are critical in a time and
industry where capital efficiency is fundamental to long-term
profitability. Spectrum utilization and quality of experience are of
core concern and software is integral to managing skyrocketing traffic
demand. The elegance of software solutions in the network core is their
ubiquity across RAN vendors (e.g. Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei) and network
technologies (e.g. 3G, 4G, 5G).

"Our solutions deliver capacity at software speed and scale," said
Gibbons. "And, they have the same network performance impact as adding a
new carrier to each congested cell site location where the majority of
the users are located."

Like the company's first-generation solution, Opanga's newest
technologies are 100 percent software-deployed in the (v)EPC. "We feel
that having siloed and discrete networks—RAN, Core, Internet—is a missed
opportunity. We aim to help operators leverage all aspects of their
network investments," said Gibbons. "(v)EPC is a mandatory
infrastructure asset for every mobile operator, but an oft-overlooked
launch pad to rapidly scaling software innovations for the RAN.
Leveraging the (v)EPC investment to drive enormous RAN efficiency and
performance improvements is upside potential that more and more
operators are embracing, and Opanga's solutions can help them do just

About Opanga Networks

Opanga Networks is a software solutions company conquering network
densification in the Evolved Packet Core (EPC and (v)EPC) through
innovative machine learning techniques to create virtual capacity and
decrease CAPEX. Opanga is the first company to introduce solutions that
mitigate the negative impact of Elephant Flows on network performance
without decreasing video experience, and to deploy network upgrades in
the EPC that do not require additional hardware capacity. Opanga offers
the only RAN densification solution that can be deployed network-wide in
a matter of hours.

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