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Sigstr Gives Marketers the Power of Relationships, Introduces Sigstr Pulse


SaaS solution launches new relationship intelligence application

the leading email signature marketing solution, today announced the
launch of its new relationship marketing platform, Sigstr
. The platform uses artificial intelligence to map the
collective networks of all employees in a company, putting the power of
their relationships at marketer's fingertips.

With Sigstr Pulse, marketers can monitor sales' engagement with
marketing leads, review which accounts have growing relationships and
measure how tactics are assisting sales teams in garnering new
relationships at key accounts. By tracking and scoring the strength of
relationships through analysis of employee email, calendar patterns and
CRM data, business leaders can gain valuable and scalable insight into
how their marketing and sales efforts are performing at the contact,
account, and geographic level. Sigstr Pulse makes it easy for
individuals to find and request warm introductions from trusted peers
through a global search tool. Additional upcoming integrations with
CRMs, marketing automation platforms and account-based marketing
platforms like Terminus, allow marketers to easily target specific
audiences and analyze how business relationships flourish.

"Sigstr Pulse gives our team a new way to calculate the most important
metric in business: relationships," said Sangram Vajre, co-founder of
Terminus. "As marketers, everything we do is in effort to create
authentic connections with our audiences and Sigstr Pulse helps provide
guidance on the best strategies to accomplish that. Sigstr Pulse is ABM
on steroids."

In addition to the launch of the relationship intelligence application,
Sigstr released today new
on the importance of 1:1 relationships in sales and
marketing in partnership with Heinz Marketing. The findings show that
less than 14 percent of marketers are satisfied with the level of
information they have on account-based marketing (ABM) targets and
contacts — and although relationships are most important to ABM
outreach, only 30 percent of companies use their existing network to
mine relationships.

"Relationships are the lifeblood of every business, and no other system
tracks who has relationships with whom better than a corporate email
system. Sigstr Pulse allows marketers to effortlessly solve a problem
everyone knows they have, making it easy to understand your
organization's complex web of relationships and take action on them. One
practical example is in event marketing, as brands can send invitations
to potential attendees based on the hierarchy of relationships within an
organization," said Sigstr CEO Bryan Wade. "Our platform is already in
the email flow of hundreds of thousands of employees at some of the
world's largest brands, which means they can flip a switch to turn on
relationship marketing via Sigstr Pulse. As we're marketing in the era
of GDPR, tapping into coworkers' existing business relationships means
less cold calling and more productive marketing."

The report also found that 87 percent of respondents from
high-performing companies cited authentic relationships as critical to
their business success, but only 30 percent feel confident in their
ability to develop authentic relationships at scale.

"Sigstr has expanded the opportunity for marketing and sales teams by
allowing them to make the person-to-person connections they need through
existing relationships within the organization," said Matt Heinz,
president of Heinz Marketing. "Email is at the center of nearly every
professional's daily workflow, and now they can use those interactions
to build their business beyond just the conversations they're having."

For more information on relationship marketing through Sigstr Pulse,
To download the full data report, visit

About Sigstr

Sigstr is a relationship marketing platform that turns the billions of
1:1 emails sent every year into powerful brand engagements and practical
relationship intelligence. With integrations into the leading CRMs, MAPs
and Marketing Technologies, Sigstr helps companies get more out of their
employee email by turning it into a channel that understands and engages
their most important audiences. Leading brands like AT&T, Amazon,
SendGrid, Terminus, and Yext are using Sigstr to amplify the value of
every email their employees send. Visit
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