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CivaTech Oncology, Inc. Offers New Technology to Fight Lung Cancer


CivaSheet® Provides Precision Radiation Therapy on the Inside

Physicians are now able to successfully implant a new bio-absorbable,
internal radiation treatment known as CivaSheet® to treat a patient with
recurrent lung cancer. Approximately 234,000 patients per year in the
U.S. are diagnosed with lung cancer, and of those, approximately 30% to
55% of patients with non-small cell lung cancer develop recurrence.

In March 2018, a team of experts at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer
Center (MSK) completed the procedure. A post-operative dosimetry study
showed the radiation was effectively delivered in a simple surgical
procedure that can effectively provide an ideal dose directly to the
surgical margin in a one-time therapy. No complications or radiation
related side effects have been reported. MSK physicians performed a
second lung implant using a CivaSheet® last week.

Designed and manufactured by Civatech Oncology, CivaSheet® is a
flexible, implantable intra-operative radiation therapy device
(brachytherapy), which emits unidirectional radiation by integrating
gold shielding into the CivaSheet. The unidirectional property makes the
device active on one side to provide a homogenous radiation dose. This
is entirely unique to CivaSheet®. Physicians can now safely deliver
aggressive radiation doses immediately adjacent to healthy, sensitive
tissue. Radiation is delivered as the isotope naturally decays over the
course of several weeks – no repeated hospital trips are needed for
radiation therapy. No follow-up procedure is necessary to remove the

The implantation of CivaSheet® occurs following a tumor resection from
the lung. In a 15-minute operating room procedure, the surgical team
cuts the CivaSheet® to fit and affixes it to the area they want to
treat. CivaSheet® delivers a highly-targeted radiation dose to the
immediate area where residual cancer cells potentially remain.

CivaSheet has broad FDA clearance to include lung cancer and many other
malignancies. A NIH/NCI Fast-Track grant award, value of up to $2.3M, is
in place to fund a multi-institutional research protocol to evaluate the
safety and efficacy of the CivaSheet when used to treat lung cancer.

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