Market Overview

Lemnis Technologies Aims to End VR Sickness with Verifocal™


Verifocal™ adapts to the human eye to reduce eye strain and lets
users see more naturally in virtual reality

is announcing the launch of Verifocal™, a new software
and hardware platform that works with the human eye to create a more
immersive and comfortable VR experience. Verifocal™ analyzes eye
movements to determine where the user is looking, and how far. It then
automatically adjusts the optics in the VR headset accordingly. The
launch will take place at SIGGRAPH 2018 in Vancouver. Attendees can demo
the first headsets powered by Verifocal™ and order an evaluation kit
during the event.

Key benefits of Verifocal™ include:

  • Reduced eye strain: Works together with the mechanisms of the
    human eye to trigger a natural accommodation response, which allows
    for a more comfortable experience and prolonged use
  • Focus on near objects: Detail and comfort when observing nearby
    objects enables applications of VR that require close interaction,
    including hand tracking and manipulation - it no longer matters where
    virtual objects are placed, ending many constraints for content
  • Enhanced experience with eye tracking: Tracks user's eye
    movements to enable adjustments in real-time, providing seamless
    visual experience
  • Virtual Reality without eyeglasses: Takes into account a user's
    prescription to provide a sharp and comfortable experience for all,
    without the inconvenience of wearing glasses under a headset

VR sickness plays a role in delaying VR's mass adoption. Modern
head-mounted displays trick users' brains into perceiving depth by
showing different images to each eye, but fail to generate consistent
focus cues. This creates sensory conflicts that can lead to serious
discomfort. Headset users who frequently experience headaches, nausea,
and eye strain, are less likely to continue experimenting with virtual

Lemnis Technologies aims to address this and help make virtual reality
break into the mainstream. Verifocal™ can benefit industries that would
require VR for prolonged use, such as healthcare, engineering, and
education, helping the VR market reach industries beyond gaming and

Lemnis Technologies Co-Founder and CEO, Dr. Pierre-Yves Laffont states,
"The vergence-accommodation conflict prevents users from having a
comfortable, prolonged VR experience. We've developed a platform that
works together with the human eye to create a natural response that we
hope will help more people feel comfortable in virtual reality."

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