Market Overview

Blockchain-Based Real Estate Prediction Platform DexisChain Joins Forces With Cryptocurrency Investment Platform Keyper X


At the unlikely intersection of blockchain and real estate comes
Japanese-based DexisChain,
a prediction platform that looks to revolutionize how the world invests
in real estate. After the recent announcement of the upcoming public
of DexisChain Protocol Token (DCPT), the company has
now announced their partnership with keyper
, a secure asset management and investment platform.

DexisChain bridges the gap between real estate, technology, and
innovation by creating a universal real estate market prediction
using blockchain that will increase transparency and
lower the barrier of entry for the average investor. With this launch,
the growing company looks to revolutionize how the world invests in the
real estate market.

The DCPT token will act as both a simple medium of exchange and as a
staking mechanism for the surfacing of questions with optimal market
relevance. Currently over $7 million in DCPT has already been
sold privately with a total of $2 billion DCPT to be issued
during the pre-launch and upcoming public launch with no inflation or
further token creation needed.

With their upcoming public launch coming up soon, this marks the perfect
time to announce a partnership with keyper X. Most cryptocurrencies
cannot generate value through their own business model, which results in
profit-taking and losses through exchange listing strategy—this
threatens the blockchain market via inaccurate evaluation and concern.
The keyper X platform aims to solve this problem by providing
greater convenience and usefulness to cryptocurrency investors and ICO

The keyper X project aims to develop a dual-hybrid keyper X
—a one-stop service for cryptocurrency from storage to
trading—a decentralized exchange (DEX), and a keyper X Mall which hopes
to prevent external threats, including but not limited to hacking, while
establishing a simple and convenient ecosystem for cryptocurrency
transactions. The keyper X token used in the platform has value of
exchange and circulation with real products as it is closely connected
with today's economy.

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