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ECFC Kicks Off 2018 Annual Symposium with New Website and Agenda Focused on Advancing Healthcare Consumerism


the leading nonprofit organization promoting choice in benefit solutions,
today announced its 31st
Annual Symposium
. Leading the symposium agenda will be the unveiling
of ECFC's new website, along with educational tracks that focus on
timely topics related to advancing healthcare consumerism.

"2018 has already shown signs of growth and innovation in healthcare,
and we're excited to contribute to this year's advances by launching our
new website and learning platform to make it simpler for members to
learn and earn accreditations," said Martin Trussell, ECFC's Executive

Before diving into the technical tracks, this year's symposium will
begin with a reflection on leadership. Opening keynote speaker Art
Barter will present Servant Leadership: The Road Best Traveled. Servant
leadership is a set of behaviors and practices that turn the traditional
"power leadership" model upside down; instead of the people working to
serve the leader, the leader exists to serve the people. As the Founder
and CEO of the Servant Leadership Institute, Barter believes, "How you
get results is more important than the results themselves."

The 31st Annual Symposium features leading experts speaking
on numerous technical areas, with 15 educational workshops including:

  • How "Well" is Your Wellness Program? Preparing for a "Check-Up" From
    the Regulators
  • TPA Takeover and Acquisition Woes
  • First Aid for Benefit Plans
  • What is GDPR and Why Should I Care?
  • 2018 Flexible Spending Account and Health Savings Account Consumer
  • The Digital Revolution in Financial Services: Lessons for the
    Healthcare Benefits Industry
  • The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act: Compliance for Health Insurers,
    TPAs and Hospital

Attendees will also hear legislative and regulatory updates, the latest
happenings in Washington, D.C., and what's next from ECFC.

Also, the new ECFC website will go live during the symposium. Trussell
will walk attendees through a demonstration of the new
with the following highlights:

  • The ability to study online and earn certifications quickly and easily
    within the online system
  • A platform that fosters interaction and connection with other ECFC
  • A robust search tool to find articles from any year on any topic

Members will have the opportunity to get a first look at the new
Learning Management System (LMS), activate their accounts, and
visit the new resources section.

ECFC's 31st Annual Symposium takes place August 7-9 in San
Diego, CA. For additional

information on the event and to view the full agenda, visit

About ECFC

ECFC is a leading non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining and
expanding employee benefit programs on a tax-advantaged basis. ECFC
represents and promotes employee benefit programs through effective
lobbying and provides education and awareness to members, compensation
practitioners, national opinion leaders and the general public to help
advance healthcare consumerism. ECFC, which was founded in 1981 as the
Employers Council on Flexible Compensation, is the single organization
that focuses its efforts on preserving, protecting and defending the
tax-advantaged programs currently available to working families through
employer plan sponsors. Visit
for more information.

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