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Attorney Business Consulting Talks Employee Efficiency and Client Focus


By focusing too much time on internal operations, law firms are being
forced to underbill clients. Legal practices across the country are
feeling the financial consequences of spending less and less of their
time bringing in new business and an increasingly greater amount of time
on employee efficiency.

Business Consulting
(ABC) found that firms who spend the same amount
of time on internal operations as they do on clients underbill 40%
compared to those who spend all their time on clients.

ABC's services include free consultations and office visits for firms
looking to maintain their focus on acquiring new clients without
compromising on their operational efficiency.

Business consultants will evaluate employee effectiveness, teach them
how to produce more work of higher quality, and give owners the
opportunity to spend more time on growing their business. They will find
deficiencies among your employees and provide strategies to maximize

They will take care of your day-to-day operations and make sure you are
spending your time on the needs of your clients.

Attorney Business Consulting will show you how to personalize phone
calls, which directly increases the number of clients that come through
the door. This includes making sure there is always someone to pick up
the phone, ready to offer polite, short and understandable answers to
client questions. Personalized phone calls make clients feel like they
are calling someone who cares and not a random number with an automated

"Once a client has come through the door, there is a 15%-20% chance of
them working with you," said a representative from Attorney Business

CFO oversight is another service they provide which allows you to
concentrate on your practice and your clients rather than internal
operations, billing, or financial oversight.

The most important focus for a law firm should be being a good lawyer,
which means putting 100% of your resources towards your clients and
their cases. Visit our website today for a free consultation.

Business Consulting
is a consulting service designed to turn
successful lawyers into successful business owners. They offer legal
marketing and operation management services to law firms of all shapes
and sizes.

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