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XYO Network and MOBI to Shape Transportation of the Future Through Blockchain Standards


Trusted data from XYO's cryptographic location network will help the
high-profile consortium develop standards that bring safety, efficiency
and security to driverless cars, transportation-focused smart contracts,
supply chains, and the rest of the mobility world

, the people-powered location network that's bringing
blockchain to the real world, has joined the Mobility Open Blockchain
Initiative (MOBI),
a global consortium of brands and businesses
dedicated to innovating the transportation industry through blockchain.
By partnering with MOBI, XYO Network joins BMW, ConsenSys,
the World Economic Forum and other global brands to collectively
make mobility of the future greener, safer and more accessible.

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(Graphic: Business Wire)

(Graphic: Business Wire)

"There have never been more exciting mobility use cases around
blockchain, and MOBI's mission epitomizes what the future
of blockchain
is all about. Their members are known for both
innovation and accelerating the adoption of new transportation
technology, which is exactly why we joined their cutting-edge
consortium," said Markus Levin, XYO's Co-founder. "We look
forward to playing an active role in deciding the standards of the

XYO Network uses crypto-location technology that not only protects
privacy, it provides greater accuracy of where objects are both in
relation to other objects, and where they are on the planet. Possible
use-cases with MOBI
could include driverless cars that use the XYO Network to "see" each
other, or vehicles that use XYO data to navigate traffic at busy
intersections. With its next generation of GPS functionality, the XYO
Network can power everything from automated parking payments to smart
contracts to any number of mobility applications.

Founded in May, MOBI is working with top global partners on creating a
secure, commerce-focused mobility ecosystem used for trusted vehicle
identity and tracking, carbon pricing, usage-based insurance, and more.

"Multi-party cooperation is critical to the new era of blockchain
development," added Levin. "We look forward to being part of the
decision-making process as we come together to address common industry
and technology challenges, create solutions that scale, and
collaboratively speed up the adoption of blockchain technology in the
transportation world."

About XYO Network

is a vast, geospatial, blockchain-powered location network
that provides accurate, certainty-driven location data on everything
from cars to smartphones. Using tracking devices created and sent out
into the as well as by updating existing IoT devices and mobile phones,
the XYO Network ecosystem delivers the authentic, verifiable and trusted
coordinates and data needed to execute smart contracts, run smart
cities, foster financial transactions, and power a legion of
high-stakes, location-centric applications. XYO can deliver complex,
multi-layered, 3D-level location data from anywhere on the planet.

About MOBI

Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., the Mobility
Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI)
was created to help the mobility
industry apply secure, peer-to-peer blockchain technologies to improving
people's lives by making mobility more efficient and affordable, to
reduce congestion and pollution, and to improve safety. MOBI's mission
is to explore blockchain and related technologies, promote standards,
and accelerate adoption for the benefit of the industry, consumers, and
communities. MOBI seeks to address the needs of the emerging, connected,
and on-demand multi-modal transportation ecosystems. Further information
about MOBI and its member organization can be found at

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