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The Future of Mobile Calling – FreeRange Mobile™


The newly launched FreeRange
™ app is reshaping the mobile calling industry, freeing
consumers from traditional mobile talk services and costly contracts,
and surpassing app-to-apps that offer less-than-complete service.

Launched this summer by NetworkIP, a leader in innovative international
communication products and services, FreeRange Mobile offers key
disruptors that will drive real change in the world of mobile calling.

"We believe that FreeRange Mobile answers the call as the next step in
our industry's evolution when it comes to affordable wireless
communications and improved customer experience," said Pete Pattullo,
CEO of NetworkIP.

Today, most consumers live and work within Wi-Fi coverage and often no
longer require expensive subscription plans from mobile service
providers, (e.g. Verizon or AT&T). The FreeRange Mobile app offers
subscribers a real U.S. phone number with talk and text capabilities for
just $5 monthly.

FreeRange Mobile also eliminates the need to carry multiple phones and
can be used as a second or separate line in conjunction with traditional
mobile plans for business, travel, or even other family members.

Currently, people who use app-to-app products like WhatsApp or Facetime®
to communicate with family and friends can only make calls to others
sharing the same app and cannot connect with landline phones. FreeRange
subscribers can make and receive unlimited calls and text to any
landline or mobile number
between the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.

The FreeRange Mobile $10 monthly plan also simplifies international
calling, avoiding all the hassle and costs of managing and adding to
existing plans. FreeRange subscribers enjoy unlimited calling to 80+
countries globally and generous minutes to the rest of the world, along
with all the features and benefits of the $5 subscription.

"FreeRange Mobile offers outstanding sound quality," said Pattullo. "It
uses adaptive technologies that rival or exceed traditional mobile talk
services. Plus, FreeRange Mobile works seamlessly with consumers'
existing data plans if they are outside of Wi-Fi coverage."

FreeRange Mobile is available for download by Android and iOS at Google
Play Store
or the Apple
App Store
and offers a no-risk, free five-day trial without
requiring a credit card.

About NetworkIP

Since 1998, NetworkIP continuously innovates to provide global smart
technology, turnkey long distance products, communications tools, and
exceptional services.

NOTE: App screenshots and hi-res logos available upon request.

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