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Insight School of Oklahoma Welcomes Students for 2018-19 School Year


Students Return to Online Public School on August 13

Students at Insight
School of Oklahoma
(ISOK), a full-time online public school
authorized by the Statewide Virtual Charter School Board, will begin
their 2018-19 school year on August 13, simply by turning on their
computers. ISOK is an alternative school serving at-risk students
statewide in grades 7-12, providing the opportunity to get back on track
academically in the distraction-free environment of their own home.

Combining innovative technology with an engaging curriculum led by
state-certified teachers to provide a personalized learning experience
to each student, ISOK offers families and students an alternative to
traditional brick-and-mortar education. The comprehensive education
approach focuses on providing struggling students with the academic,
social and emotional support needed to reach graduation. The school
features block scheduling, where students can focus on fewer courses at
a time, and offers online programs to help address students' academic
challenges and the families' needs.

Students are organized into communities that have both online and
in-person opportunities to build strong relationships with classmates,
and a Social and Emotional Learning program ensures students are ready
to learn by increasing their self-confidence and interpersonal skills.
In addition, the school's Family Support Team includes a licensed social
worker and other family support personnel to help students stay on track.

"While many students thrive in traditional brick-and-mortar schools,
others feel limited by a system that simply does not fit their needs,"
said Sheryl Tatum, head of school at Insight School of Oklahoma. "At
Insight, our dedicated teachers work with each family to deliver a
personalized education that is tailored to their students' needs."

ISOK's state-certified teachers work with each student and family to
develop an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) to place students in the
appropriate courses, identify strengths and areas for improvement, and
create a plan to chart their progress. The school's dedicated teachers
facilitate lessons during live, interactive online classes, and interact
with families via phone, email and online discussions, building close
partnerships with parents and students to support academic and personal
success. The online platform enables students to enjoy a safe learning
environment while connecting with classmates and teachers from across
the state.

Throughout the school year, ISOK builds a sense of community through
in-person field trips, in-person and online social outings and service
learning opportunities. ISOK also celebrates graduating seniors with an
in-person commencement ceremony in the spring, and virtual clubs and
student organizations allow students to further explore their interests
together in the online setting.

ISOK is currently accepting enrollments for this fall. Interested
families are encouraged to attend online or in-person information
sessions throughout the state. To learn more, visit
or download the K12
enrollment app
for iOS and Android devices.

About Insight School of Oklahoma

Insight School of Oklahoma (ISOK) is an accredited full-time online
public charter school that serves at-risk students in grades 7-12
throughout the state of Oklahoma. ISOK is recognized by the Oklahoma
State Department of Education as an alternative school and is authorized
by the Statewide Virtual Charter School Board. As part of the Oklahoma
public school system, ISOK is tuition-free, giving parents and families
the choice to access the curriculum provided by K12 Inc. (NYSE:LRN),
the nation's leading provider of K-12 proprietary curriculum and online
education programs. For more information, visit

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