Market Overview

VeRFID Services: Don't Be the Peacock Left at the Airline Check-In Gate


As airlines tighten the reigns on emotional-support animals, three
longtime friends are looking to change the way our furry friends fly.

Animals of all kinds play an important role in our lives, and VeRFID
Services recognizes that certain tasks with an animal such as traveling,
gaining access to an establishment, or moving into a new residence can
require information like animal traits, proof of vaccination, training
records, and healthcare provider notes. With VeRFID's new personalized,
secure RFID tag and mobile app, we provide reliable verification that
owners and businesses can trust.

The process of animal verification can be cumbersome and confusing. Even
for businesses, asking for this type of information can be tedious,
timely, and difficult to review. And flying with an emotional-support
animal has become especially difficult. With every changing restriction
and requirement, VeRFID is enabling a way to ensure your animal is ready
for takeoff.

It's simple – you create an animal profile and input all pertinent
information, and we'll provide direct verification online after
confirming the information with relevant parties for accuracy and
legitimacy. Once the process is complete, we'll send you a tag embedded
with an RFID chip for your animal to wear. The airline can scan the chip
through the mobile app and pull up that the pet has been "VeRFID,"
meaning it has met the requirements to be an emotional-support animal.

No paperwork, no hassle, and the company does the work of ensuring the
animal meets airline requirements. Even if your pet is not an
emotional-support animal, you can still use VeRFID to confirm flight
requirements like breed and age.

There are also other
for pet owners and business owners. If you find "Bogart the
Beagle" on the street wearing a VeRFID tag, with a quick scan in the
mobile app, you can pull up Bogart's contact information and reunite him
with his family. Alternatively, if you work for a rental agency, you can
use a business profile to facilitate your pet policy.

There are options for every animal in your life with VeRFID – reliable
verification, endless paws-ibilities. For more information, visit

VeRFID Services is currently raising funding for this venture. Please
consider supporting and get a tag of your own:

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