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Value of Predictive Analytics in Enterprise Decision Making| a Quantzig Whitepaper


Quantzig, a global analytics solutions provider, has announced the
completion of their recent whitepaper on the value
of predictive analytics in enterprise decision making

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:

The Rise and Value of Predictive Analytics in Enterprise Decision Making. (Graphic: Business Wire)

The Rise and Value of Predictive Analytics in Enterprise Decision Making. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Over the past few decades, predictive analytics has gone from being a
brilliant technique adopted in just a few niches to a competitive weapon
with a quickly growing range of uses. The rising adoption of predictive
analytics is powered by congregating trends with always improving tools
for data analysis, the big data prodigy, and a steady stream of
established successes in new applications. Predictive analytics offers
support for business and human decisions, making them more efficient and
effective, or in some cases, can be used to mechanize the whole
decision-making process. Also, with predictive analytics, organizations
in both end-user industries and governments globally can expand their
decision making, get more value from their data, and then gain a
stronger competitive advantage.

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to understand the scope of our research.

"Predictive models help determine high-risk situations and hotspots
for preventive action," says
an expert from Quantzig.

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Value of predictive analytics in enterprise
decision making:

  • The biggest set of advances and variations in predictive analytics are
    coming about as a result of the explosion in unstructured data —
    voice, text documents, video, and images along with quickly improving
    analytical techniques
  • To make unstructured data sets useful for analysis, structured
    information must be extracted from them
  • Information can be found in customer posts on blogs forums and other
    sources that predict customer satisfaction and sales trends for new
  • An extraction step is needed to get useful information in the form of
    keywords, phrases, and meaning from the text in the posts
  • To know more about how our predictive analytics solution can help
    in touch

Download the complete whitepaper on the predictive analytics and its
use cases in enterprise decision making here:

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