Market Overview

$3 Million in Free Classroom Supplies Now Available to Teachers from ClassTag


More than $3 million in free classroom supplies and exclusive discounts
are being made available to teachers nationwide as part of the national
launch of the ClassTag
, an online exchange where schools can redeem credits
earned every time a teacher and parent interact on the ClassTag
parent-teacher engagement platform.

ClassTag, which will be used in over 20,000 classrooms nationwide this
school year, is the free, easy-to-use, collaborative app for parents and
teachers that automatically schedules events and conferences, manages
volunteer opportunities, and shares classroom news, events, and
assignments. When parents sign up to volunteer, attend conferences, or
simply read teachers' messages, classrooms earn ClassTag Coins for
teachers to spend on free supplies in the ClassTag Marketplace.

An Urgent Need for Classroom Supplies

Budget and education cuts have wreaked
havoc on the American school system
, and the classroom supplies that
teachers need to provide quality education have been the first to go.
That is, unless teachers buy them themselves. The National Center of
Education Statistics (NCES) found 94
of public school teachers spend their own money on supplies,
and during the 2014–15 school year, they spent an average of $479. One
in 10 teachers at high-poverty schools spends $1,000 or more each year.

Major Brands are Trying to Help

Major retailers are responding
to this crisis by offering teachers discounts this August as they do
their back-to-school shopping, but ClassTag is taking it to an entirely
different level. The company's Marketplace features $3 million in free
offers and exclusive discounts for teachers and their classrooms as they
earn ClassTag Coins in the app—all at no cost to the teacher, parents,
or school.

Thanks to ClassTag's partnerships with 40 top education, consumer,
retail, and technology brands, teachers can select items such as popular
educational technology, Amazon gift cards, cleaning products, literacy
apps, science and art kits, and more tools. Partners include Lands'
, Yoobi
supplies, Yumble
, Renzo's
, Rosetta Stone, ABC
, Sesame
Street Workshop
, Kiwi
Co STEAM kits
, Speakaboos,
, Adventure
to Fitness
, Miss
Humblebee's Academy
, StoryboardThat,
, ClassCraft,
of Learning
, Symbaloo,
, Immersed
, and Wolfram

"As a teacher, I know firsthand there is little choice but to spend your
own money on quality supplies for your classroom," says Marcia McInnes,
a former teacher who works in Marketplace partnerships for ClassTag.
"Everything offered in the Marketplace has been vetted and tested for
quality by teachers themselves. It truly is by teachers, for teachers."

A Mother Examining the Problem and Creating an Answer

Vlada Lotkina, founder of ClassTag, created the platform when she needed
a better way to stay up-to-date on her child's classroom events. She
designed ClassTag to work in over 50 different languages and in the
parent's preferred medium. Now, they have even more reason to be engaged
- the purchase of classroom tools for their child's use -- and teachers
have another alternative to dipping into their paychecks to buy
classroom supplies.

Teachers can sign up and learn more about earning ClassTag Coins at:

About ClassTag

ClassTag provides teachers with a free, intuitive, easy-to-use platform
for automating communication with parents, who can track their child's
classroom progress, all the while earning credits that can be redeemed
for valuable classroom supplies. Forget about notes stuffed into
backpacks, ClassTag brings classroom engagement into the 21st century.
To make your classroom more engaged and earn credits toward classroom
supplies, sign up here:

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