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Sagewise, Leading Smart Contract Dispute Resolution Company, Raises $1.25 Million Seed Funding, Led by Wavemaker Genesis


a leading technology company focused on building a safety net for smart
contracts to enable the efficient resolution of disputes, today
announced it closed a $1.25 million seed round to launch and grow its
technology platform. The round was led by Wavemaker Genesis and includes
strategic investments from affiliates of Ari Paul (Blocktower Capital),
Miko Matsumura (Gumi Cryptos), Youbi Capital, Maja Vujinovic (Cipher
Principles), Jordan Clifford (Scalar Capital), Terrence Yang (Yang
Ventures) and James Sowers. These investors strengthen both Sagewise's
foothold in the smart contract arbitration arena and reinforce the
growing need for secure and transparent legal transactions via
distributed ledger technology.

Co-founded by Amy Wan, Esq., an award-winning leader in legaltech, and
Dan Rice, a veteran software engineering luminary and blockchain expert,
Sagewise's software development kit (SDK) offers smart contract users a
safety net, ensuring that execution of a smart contract reflects its
parties' true intent. With the Sagewise toolkit, users can mitigate
variables such as the quality of smart contract coding and evolving
situations via a built-in layer of smart contract monitoring,
notification, freezing and dispute resolution before conflicts progress
too far.

"The talent pool within Sagewise's executive team and advisory board
runs deep, inspiring confidence not only in investors, but also
potential clients," said David Siemer, Managing Partner at Wavemaker
Genesis. "We believe Sagewise's technology fills a largely unaddressed
yet critical void in the smart contract industry, and we are thrilled to
contribute to the company's growth."

First conceived of in 1994 before the rise of the distributed ledger,
smart contracts have evolved from abstract concepts to viable business
solutions in recent years, and are projected to grow exponentially over
time. Conservatively, $100-$200 billion in value of cryptocurrency is
currently held in smart contracts and on smart contract platforms like

"Smart contracts are coded by developers and audited by security
auditing firms, but the quality of smart contract coding and auditing
varies drastically among service providers," said Amy Wan, co-founder
and CEO of Sagewise. "Inevitably, this discrepancy becomes the basis for
smart contract disputes, which is where Sagewise steps in to provide the
infrastructure that allows the blockchain and smart contract industry to
achieve transactional confidence. With this new influx of financing, we
will be able to expand our offerings and hire additional staff, making
our solution even more robust."

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About Sagewise

Founded in 2017, Sagewise is a technology company focused on the
efficient resolution of disputes involving smart contracts. Sagewise has
developed a product comprising a smart contract safety net for
blockchain users. The company's SDK provides the tools and
infrastructure needed for the effective handling of disputes at any
stage in the development and execution of smart contracts, freezing
contracts in place while they are being resolved. Sagewise's mission is
to provide transactional confidence in the blockchain ecosystem,
ensuring that the outcome of a smart contract is consistent with the
parties' true intent.

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