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Aupera Technologies Reveals Next-Gen NVMeoF JBOF Prototype Achieving 16M IOPS


Aupera Technologies today announced an ASIC based 25G/100G Ethernet
[3] Prototype System, which utilizes a
hardware NVMeoF bridge and 25G/100G Ethernet switch fabrics, achieving
native NVMe (PCIe3.0) SSD performance. Designed for scale-out, the new
JBOF system significantly simplifies the deployment of high-performance
storage systems in data centers.

This JBOF system is a standard 19-inch 2U chassis and supports up to 24
NVMe-oF SSD modules. The NVMe-oF SSD module adopted the interposer
solution, jointly developed by Aupera and Toshiba Memory Corporation.
The interposer is based on the Marvell® 88SN2400 NVMe-oF SSD converter
controller, enabling dual 25Gbit RDMA network ports and NVMe-oF
bridging. The built-in dual-star switch matrix provides dual 6 x 100G
uplink ports and dual 24 x 25G downlink ports to SSDs for non-blocking
access. The prototype system achieves 16 million IOPS[3] (4KB random
read), while maintaining extremely low power consumption. The JBOF
chassis has also integrated the BMC system for chassis configuration,
health monitoring and remote management, which is ready for carrier
grade deployment.

"With this whole new system architecture, combined with Aupera's
existing high density FPGA-based video processing solutions, we have
achieved another mile-stone step towards building a next-generation
video data center platform. It has been a great pleasure to work with
Toshiba and Marvell on the most advanced technologies in the industry.
We are very excited about the system performance achieved so far," said
Aupera CEO, Roy Liao.

NVMe over Fabrics is expected to be widely adopted in the cloud data
center and enterprise markets. Toshiba Memory's near-native performance
of NVMe SSDs, combined with Aupera's NVMeoF JBOF system, will ensure
SSDs peak performance, simplify deployment, and facilitate large-scale
adoption in the data center.

Aupera Technologies and Toshiba Memory will demonstrate this new JBOF
prototype system at the Flash
Memory Summit
in Santa Clara, California from August 7 – 9 in booth
#951(Aupera) and #307(Toshiba).

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About Aupera Technologies Inc

Aupera Technologies is a technology innovator which builds converged
architecture of video transcoding, content classification, and video
storage system. With our proprietary distributed computing and storage
architecture, coupling with AI acceleration engine, Aupera is building
next generation video data center platform.


[1] NVMe™ is a trademark of NVM Express. PCIe® is a registered trademark
of PCI-SIG. All other company names, product names, and service names
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[2] IOPS: Input Output Per Second (or the number of I/O operations per

[3] JBOF: Just A Bunch of Flash

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