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OnBoat's Ibiza Yacht, the Ocean Way to Party in Los Angeles


OnBoat introduces Los Angeles's newest way to celebrate, the Ibiza party
yacht, docked in Long Beach, Port of LA.

The Ibiza sports a multimillion re-fit, rebuilt inside and out under the
auspices of an architect. This stunning 78-foot Skipperline, Los
Angeles party boat
will really add motion to your celebration! This
multi-decked party yacht stands out for its combination of large rooms
and private cozy nooks to hide out in. The interior is a clean mix of
stone shades accented by striking orange with a modern look that sets
this party boat apart. Rows of large windows let the sparkling ocean
light into the huge interior, which includes a massive central salon and
ample wet bar.

At the front of the boat, another interior windowed space provides
another protected viewing area. This opens out to an open front deck
that is a great spot from which to watch the bow break the waves. An
additional VIP dining area sumptuously seats up to 14 guests. To top it
all off is a huge upper sky lounge deck, offering wide views of the
spacious harbor, while you and your guests relax and socialize. There
are plenty of options for dining throughout the Ibiza, with the bow
deck, and upper decks, fore or aft providing intimate and luxurious
settings for watching the sunset and having a great party!

The Ibiza sails through the fascinating, science fiction looking
container port and then out into the spacious and wide Long Beach
harbor, back dropped by the green hills of Palos Verdes. This harbor is
protected by large breakwaters against waves, yet feels like the open

The sound system includes two sets of professional night club level
audio systems in both upper and main levels, with impressive sound and
bass. Both come with Bluetooth connection. You don't need hire a DJ to
bring extra speakers. Simply create a play list on your phone or iPod.

According to Marc Andelman of OnBoat,
"the Ibiza is Los Angeles' party yacht"
. According to Marc, the
newly introduced party yacht Ibiza has already been chartered numerous
times. Party goers who have enjoyed this new venue range from wedding
celebrations on the water, to bachelorette boat parties, and corporate
yacht parties.

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