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Sysdig Appoints Larry Castro as VP of Finance and Corporate Operations


Telltale Games, EA, and Riverbed Technology veteran joins the Sysdig
executive team

, the cloud-native intelligence company, today
announced Larry Castro has been named vice president of finance and
corporate operations at Sysdig. In this role, Castro will work alongside
chief executive officer (CEO), Suresh Vasudevan, to deepen business
infrastructure and position Sysdig to build on its rapid growth.

"Sysdig is undertaking rapid growth as we drive container and
microservices adoption and expand into new geographies," said Vasudevan.
"Larry's success in finance and operations with both private and public
high-growth companies is extremely valuable to us. I am confident Larry
will help us put in place the infrastructure we need to continue

Enterprises are turning to the Sysdig Cloud-Native Intelligence Platform
as they move to the cloud and realize the need for a new way to capture
the performance and security data essential to effectively running
business-critical applications. Sysdig technology unlocks a completely
new source of machine data, enabling Sysdig to provide the deepest
visibility into containers and microservices. Sysdig has the only
unified platform to offer security, monitoring, troubleshooting, and
forensics for containers and microservices. In the last 12 months, the
company has experienced rapid growth. Downloads of Sysdig
have roughly tripled over the last 12 months and active users
of the Sysdig SaaS offerings have grown nearly six times year over year.
Sysdig recently moved its headquarters to a larger office in San
Francisco and announced
a second headquarters in Raleigh, NC
to accommodate the company's
rapid growth.

"There are three things I look at when considering a career change: the
growth mode of the company, the team, and the leadership. Sysdig hit all
three," said Castro. "I enjoy building out infrastructure and I like the
challenge of doing it within a short timeframe. Sysdig is in that
fast-growth phase that I find to be very exciting. When it comes to the
team, I have worked with several members of Sysdig in the past and I
value those work relationships. Lastly, I was also drawn to Sysdig
because of Suresh. I have witnessed his style and mature approach from
afar and I am excited to work with him."

About Larry Castro

Castro has spent the last three and a half years as the chief financial
officer (CFO) at Telltale Games, an American video game developer and
publishing company. Prior to joining Telltale Games, he was CFO of Jut,
a streaming analytics data stack company. Castro spent time as the
senior VP of finance at Riverbed Technology and prior to Riverbed, he
was at Electronic Arts (EA) for more than 14 years. At EA, Castro wore
many hats, including chief operating officer (COO) and CFO of the
Redwood Shores Studio. He holds a B.S. in International Commerce and
Finance from Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service and a
Master of Business Administration from the University of Chicago.

About Sysdig

Sysdig is the cloud-native intelligence company.

We have created the only unified platform to deliver application
security, monitoring, and forensics in a microservices-friendly
architecture. Our open source technologies have attracted a community of
over a million developers, administrators and other IT professionals
looking for deep visibility into applications and containers. Our
cloud-native intelligence platform monitors and secures millions of
containers across hundreds of enterprises, including Fortune 500
companies and web-scale properties. Learn more at

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