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Avery Design Systems Pairs PCIe® and NVM Express® VIP with Teledyne LeCroy Summit™ Protocol Exercisers


Avery Design Systems Inc., an innovator in functional verification
productivity solutions, today announced integration of the company's
flagship PCI Express® (PCIe®) and NVM Express® (NVMe) VIP
solutions with Teledyne LeCroy Summit Z3-16™and Z416Protocol
Exercisers enabling post-silicon, at-speed bring-up and validation and
debug of PCIe 4.0 and NVMe 1.3 SSD designs using traffic generation
files automatically converted from selected SystemVerilog/UVM testcases
running in the RTL simulation and emulation.

Functional verification testcases developed using the PCIe and NVMe VIP
for RTL and netlist-level simulation or emulation verification
environments, including the compliance testsuites offered by Avery, can
now be selectively targeted and generated in the Summit PETrainerTM
scripting language for Summit Z3-16 and Z416 Protocol Exercisers
including support for key exerciser features such as PCIe and NVMe Host
Emulation modes, error injection, link and PHY controls such as lane
skew, speed change, and low power states transitions. Full BIOS
enumeration and NVMe discovery and initialization steps are supported in
the generated PETrainer scripts because they are also fully supported by
the PCIe and NVMe VIP. Design validation is performed through generating
and comparing the end-state memory signatures between the RTL
simulation/emulation and at-speed exerciser runs of the PCIe
Configuration and NVMe Controller registers and memory spaces further
ensuring design operation is consistent from RTL to silicon.

"The power and flexibility of the Avery PCIe and NVMe VIP for creating
highly randomized DUT configuration and PHY layer parameters and
randomized PCIe traffic sequences and PRP and SGL generation for NVMe
designs provides a level of all layer stress testing that can be
difficult to create using traditional application-level testing based on
standard OS, drivers, and motherboard-based testing," said Chris Browy,
vice president of sales/marketing at Avery. "Using Avery VIP with Summit
protocol exercisers in this manner enables being able to develop, run,
verify, and debug these tests in reference RTL simulation first and then
directly bring the PETrainer scripts to the protocol exerciser to run
and analyze the results on actual silicon. The overall process of
writing tests and debug is more direct, flexible, and productive at the
same time. Avery plans to support additional protocols in the future."

Visit Avery at Flash Memory Summit 2018 August 7-9, 2018 at the Santa
Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA.

About Avery Design Systems

Founded in 1999, Avery Design Systems, Inc. enables system and SOC
design teams to achieve dramatic functional verification productivity
improvements through the use of formal analysis applications for
gate-level X-pessimism verification and real X root cause and sequential
backtracing; and robust core-through-chip-level Verification IP for PCI
SD/SDIO, Ethernet, CAN FD, and FlexRay standards. The company has
established numerous Avery Design VIP partner program affiliations with
leading IP suppliers. More information about the company may be found at

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