Market Overview

PlayAPI™ Introduces Data Technology That Supports Turner Broadcasting's Call to Retire Nielsen Ratings


Includes Advanced Analytical Tools Driving Data Aggregation Insight
Breakthroughs in Video Gaming and Media Consumption of the 18-34

PlayAPI announced today their product: An industry anticipated
SDK that is available to Indie Game Publishers and Developers that
aggregates data cross gaming platforms. The much needed patented
developer tools and analytic package offered by PlayAPI fully supports
and addresses
the increasing calls to move away from
Agency Data models and ineffective consumer data.

Increasingly, top executives, industry leaders and media companies
are publicly stating the methods of data collection and insight
development are flawed and outdated.
In a May 2018 article published
by Television News Daily™ and Mediapost™ David Levy, President of Turner
Broadcasting, announced they recently decided to move away from
advertising purchases based on Agency data saying, "It's time to retire
the Nielsen Television Metric,"

At the Digital Executive Summit, PlayAPI CEO Ted Owen spoke with
media leaders and demonstrated the Company's technology which transforms
the methodology of collecting and providing truly accurate and relevant
data on the elusive 18-34 year old demographic. "The traditional model
of consuming media as recorded by data gathering giants such as Nielsen
is inaccurate and inappropriate for monitoring consumption of new media
such as streaming and in particular video gaming and eSports," Owen
stated. "Television networks, such as NBC and Sports Leagues including
the NFL and NHL, and even the U.S. Army, are on record stating they are
extremely concerned with the issue of identifying how, when, where, for
how long, and by whom their content is being consumed. At PlayAPI we are
solely focused on the largest growing media consumption channel for that
data, video gaming, and bringing a fully transparent alternative to the
20th century model still being touted as accurate."

Nielsen identified an 18-34 age TV and digital platform audience as 5.9
million in 2017
. However, the gaming audience on Twitch alone racks
up over 45m unique users monthly.

"These facts demonstrate the disconnect in the ability to comprehend the
shift in media consumption and thereby how networks, media advertisers
and analytics businesses engage with this critical audience and validate
PlayAPI's alternative solution. The method of how we collect and
aggregate data from gaming platforms will give us and our partners a
significant advantage in providing truly transparent and accurate
behavioral insights on this critical audience," said Owen.

Gary Bishop, former Deputy Director USAREC Outreach Command
commented, "Building a strong relationship with customers requires
up-to-date data that yields an opportunity to match personal needs and
interests. Using the extensive data from video game platforms as we did
with the Global Gaming League - GGL and now PlayAPI, the US Army was,
and is, able to more effectively engage potential recruits and deliver
tailored messaging because the data is more accurate and relevant."


PlayAPI is an innovative technology company focused on
aggregating data across all video gaming and platforms and publishers to
identify centers of influence, track social values to provide highly
actionable insights and monetization opportunities while increasing
player engagement and acquisition. The Company was founded by Ted Owen
who is regarded as the creator of eSports.

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