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Kasasa® Study Reveals Most Consumers Would Utilize the Latest Take-back™ Feature if Available


Study indicates consumers would withdraw money from a Kasasa Loan™
only for an emergency

  • More than half of consumers would withdraw money from a Kasasa
    Loan™ at least once a year
  • 76% of survey respondents across all demographics believe they
    would withdraw money at least once during the life of their loan
  • 98% of consumers would refinance existing debt at the same rate for
    take-back™ functionality

A consumer study by Kasasa® revealed that more than half (54%) of
consumers would opt to utilize a new loan concept called a take-backTM
at least once a year, allowing them to pay ahead on their loan to reduce
debt, but take that extra back if they need it. The 2016 survey gathered
results from a panel of 1,050 consumers, who responded to a series of
questions about their loan preferences and habits.

Of the respondents ages 18-49 from urban, suburban and rural districts,
76 percent across all demographics believe they would withdraw money at
least once during the life of their loan. Less than a quarter of survey
respondents (24%) believe they would never withdraw from the loan. These
findings demonstrate a consumer attitude of "withdraw only in case of an
emergency," enabling consumers to get out of debt faster and only use
extra payments when needed.

"Consumers want to pay off debt quickly – that's nothing new – and the
best way to do that is to make additional payments towards loans," said
Gabe Krajicek, CEO of Kasasa. "While most consumers want to pay extra
towards their loans, they usually don't because they know life will
happen. At some point, they may deal with an emergency or life event and
then need access to those funds, and most loans do not allow them to
take those extra payments back. Consumers despise this lack of

Krajicek continued, "What consumers really want and need is a loan that
gives them the flexibility to pay ahead but take the extra payments back
when needed. Not only does this allow them to get out of debt faster,
but it also prevents additional financial burdens when faced with a
major life event, like unexpected medical bills or repairing a leaky
roof. This is why we created the Kasasa Loan™ – the only loan that
allows borrowers to participate in take-backs. It is the most
people-friendly loan available today, and unlike other loans, it
actually helps consumers make better financial decisions."

Because the take-back™ functionality eliminates the fear of parting with
‘extra money' and reinforces positive financial decisions like paying
off debt early, 98 percent of consumers say they would refinance
existing debt at the same rate to get a Kasasa Loan. Kasasa Loans also
feature a sleek, mobile app that furthers borrowers' ability to manage
their debt by showing them the status of their loan in seconds.
Borrowers can see the impact of payment changes before they make them,
providing even more control and enabling them to make better financial

About Kasasa
Kasasa® is an award-winning financial
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with 400 employees, Kasasa® helps more than 800 community financial
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world class marketing capabilities, and expert consulting. The company
reinvented checking and is now reinventing lending through its latest
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