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The Assistance Fund Opens Financial Assistance Program for Individuals with Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases


Financial assistance may apply to copayments, health insurance
premiums and incidental medical expenses

The Assistance Fund, an independent charitable patient assistance
foundation helping patients and families with high medical out-of-pocket
costs, today launched a new program offering financial support for
individuals with Primary Immunodeficiency (PI) Diseases. The program
assists eligible patients with paying certain out-of-pocket medical
costs resulting from their condition.

"Primary Immunodeficiencies are hereditary and often chronic. Treatments
and medications can become quite costly for patients," said Mark P.
McGreevy, President and CEO, The Assistance Fund. "There are more than
350 diseases classified as a Primary Immunodeficiency. Each immune
defect requires a specific treatment course, making the treatment
landscape quite vast."

PI diseases occur when part of the immune system is not present or is
not functioning properly, leading to weakened immune defense.
Individuals with PI are more susceptible to recurrent and longer-lasting
infections, such as pneumonia, bronchitis, ear infections and sinus
infections. Additional signs and symptoms of PI may include inflammation
and infection of organs, blood disorders, digestive problems and
autoimmune disorders.1 Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases can
often go undiagnosed, making the exact prevalence unknown. However, it
is thought that about 50,000 cases are diagnosed each year.2

"For a significant number of people with primary immunodeficiency
diseases, there can be major financial obstacles to covering the cost of
treatments they rely on to stay healthy and live their lives to the
fullest," said John G. Boyle, President & CEO of the Immune Deficiency
Foundation. "We are grateful The Assistance Fund has expanded its reach
to help address this challenge facing the PI community and ensure our
patients will have the opportunity to receive the lifesaving, lifelong
therapies they need."

To learn more or determine eligibility for financial support,
individuals should visit or
call 855-256-4856 to speak with a patient advocate.

A list of all the programs available at The Assistance Fund can be found
on the website

About The Assistance Fund

The Assistance Fund is an independent charitable patient assistance
foundation that helps patients and families facing high medical
out-of-pocket costs by providing financial assistance for their
copayments, coinsurance, deductibles and other health-related expenses.
The Assistance Fund currently manages more than 40 funds – each of which
covers the FDA-approved medications that treat a specific disease. Since
its founding in 2009, The Assistance Fund has helped more than 73,000
adults and children access the medicines they need to stay healthy or
manage a chronic condition. To learn more about The Assistance Fund, or
for information on how to donate, please visit



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