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SentinelOne Announces Partnership with Avid Secure to Bring Complete Visibility to Cloud Security


Partnership Enables Customers to Identify Cloud Workloads That Lack
Protection, Bring Them into Compliance, and Help Prioritize Protection

the autonomous endpoint protection company, has partnered with Avid
, an intelligent cloud security and compliance company, to
provide security teams with complete visibility into their cloud
workloads—including their hosts and networks. By combining SentinelOne
with Avid Secure, security professionals are instantly able to determine
whether or not resources are protected and prioritize their protection

"Agility is a key use case for public cloud adoption. SentinelOne and
Avid Secure's combined solution provides real-time cloud workload
protection status at your fingertips. This is critical for migrating
several petabytes of our data and many services to AWS and Azure cloud
platforms," said Aaron Peck, Vice President and CISO, Shutterfly Inc.

"The number of critical workloads moving to the cloud that need to be
secured is growing everyday and security teams are overwhelmed by poor
visibility into the security posture of individual hosts," said Tomer
Weingarten, CEO and co-founder, SentinelOne. "Our integration with Avid
Secure provides our customers with a true view of what is happening
across their multi-cloud and multi-account deployments and allows them
to identify and quickly remediate unprotected hosts. This level of
visibility is a key component of a high-quality security posture."

Through this integration, security teams are able to identify hosts
across multi-cloud and multi-account deployments that are unprotected
and quickly secure them by installing SentinelOne agents. The
integration also gives security teams the power to better prioritize
protection needs based on visibility into, and correlation of, network
traffic patterns. Additionally, it is also easy for security teams to
understand when a hosts' protection state is changed through automatic
ticket generation and remediation. With all of this in play, security
teams have unprecedented insight into their overarching cloud security

"Over 85% of enterprises are moving towards a multi-cloud strategy and
our AI powered technology provides those enterprises continuous
visibility and compliance across that environment," said Nikhil Gupta,
CEO and co-founder, Avid Secure. "Pairing our intelligent visibility and
compliance with SentinelOne's premier protection, detection, response
and remediation capabilities provides customers with a never-before-seen
level of cloud workload protection."

For more information about this announcement:

-Visit SentinelOne's booth at Black Hat, #212 to see live integration
demos. More details on SentinelOne's Black Hat presence here.

-Learn more about the SentinelOne and Avid Secure joint solution here.

About SentinelOne

SentinelOne delivers autonomous endpoint protection through a single
agent that successfully prevents, detects and responds to attacks across
all major vectors. Designed for extreme ease of use, the S1 platform
saves customers time by applying AI to automatically eliminate threats
in real time for both on premise and cloud environments and is the only
solution to provide full visibility across networks directly from the
endpoint. To learn more, visit
or follow us at @SentinelOne, on LinkedIn
or Facebook.

About Avid Secure

Avid Secure is an intelligent multi-cloud security compliance and
monitoring platform. Avid Secure combines deep security expertise with
the power of AI to deliver compliance automation, governance, and
security monitoring with a simple-to-use interface. With its patent
pending AI technology, Avid Secure helps enterprises reduce the time and
cost for compliance by more than 40%, effortlessly apply and maintain
security governance policies across their entire public cloud
environment and reduce incident response time and resolution from weeks
to minutes. To learn more, visit
or follow Avid Secure on LinkedIn.

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