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Mellanox Introduces World's Fastest Ethernet Storage Fabric Controller


BlueField programmable storage controllers enable efficient,
high-performance, virtualized NVMe arrays with 100G networking

FLASH MEMORY SUMMIT: Mellanox Technologies, Ltd. (NASDAQ:MLNX),
a leading supplier of high-performance, end-to-end smart interconnect
solutions for data center servers and storage systems, today introduced
new BlueField-based storage controllers, which are being showcased this
week at the Flash Memory Summit conference. These controllers offer
ultra-high performance for Ethernet Storage Fabrics, along with extreme
efficiency and programmable virtualization for NVMe over Fabrics
(NVMe-oF), empowering customers to build and deploy the world's fastest
and most flexible networked flash storage solutions.

The BlueField BF1600 and BF1700 storage controllers deliver over 4
million IOPS with NVMe-oF, up to 200Gb/s of network and PCIe bandwidth,
and network ports configurable as either Ethernet or InfiniBand. They
provide leading performance for NVMe over RoCE (RDMA over Converged
Ethernet), InfiniBand, and TCP/IP, and include smart offloads for
storage including NVMe-oF, erasure coding, and T10-DIF data integrity
signatures. The BlueField SoC integrates the award winning ConnectX-5
network adapter with sixteen 64-bit Arm cores to create a
fully-programmable environment for storage software such as compression,
encryption, RAID, and virtualization. The new BlueField storage
controllers improve the performance and efficiency and extend the
capabilities of Ethernet Storage Fabrics. In addition they fully support
advanced InfiniBand-based storage solutions.

"Storage, server, and cloud customers are telling us they need faster,
more efficient ways to network and virtualize NVMe flash," said Kevin
Deierling, vice president of marketing at Mellanox Technologies. "These
BlueField storage controllers tightly-integrate flash connectivity,
networking, and Arm processors to maximize performance and efficiency,
while eliminating the need for a separate CPU in storage and
hyperconverged appliances. This makes them perfect for connecting and
virtualizing the fastest non-volatile storage."

BlueField storage controller cards are sampling today with fully
qualified solutions expected in Q4. The cards are being integrated into
storage systems by multiple original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and
original design manufacturers (ODMs). All BlueField storage controllers,
SmartNICs, and development systems include the ability to accelerate

"NVMe over Fabrics continues to be one of the hottest storage topics
amongst both customers and vendors," said George Crump, lead analyst at
Storage Switzerland. "Some NVMe-oF solutions use centralized flash
arrays and others use a hyperconverged model, but both models can
benefit from a Storage Controller that can support 200 Gb/s of network
throughput with programmability and hardware offloads. The Mellanox
BlueField storage controllers are extremely well-positioned to network
the ongoing flash storage revolution."

Industry Support:

E8 Storage: "E8 Storage delivers revolutionary, shared NVMe
storage solutions via our patented software running on top of Mellanox
Ethernet Storage Fabric technology," said Ziv Serlin, VP of Architecture
and Co-Founder at E8 Storage. "We are excited to be working with
Mellanox to incorporate the integrated networking and Arm CPU
capabilities in BlueField SmartNICs into our solutions, providing
greater performance and efficiency to our customers."

Excelero: "Mellanox ConnectX adapters and Spectrum switches
already help power the distributed, extremely fast, and software-defined
Excelero NVMesh," said Yaniv Romem, CTO and Co-Founder at Excelero.
"BlueField offers an exciting combination of high-speed networking, NVMe
storage virtualization, and programmable cores that can enable
client-side offloads for Excelero NVMesh and free up more CPU for
applications. We are already testing BlueField SmartNICs and look
forward to working with Mellanox to give customers the best possible
converged and disaggregated NVMe storage solutions."

Kaminario: "Kaminario Cloud Fabric is built to provide extreme
flexibility and scalability through high-performance software-defined
storage for our customers," said Eyal David, CTO at Kaminario. "We
leverage Mellanox adapters in our storage nodes to support RoCE in an
Ethernet Storage Fabric, and BlueField controllers enable us to deliver
higher performance and efficiency to maximize the benefits of NVMe over

Microsemi: "Microsemi and Mellanox have worked together to enable
high-performance storage and server solutions," said Andrew Dieckmann,
vice president of marketing for data center solutions at Microsemi, a
wholly owned subsidiary of Microchip Technology."BlueField's target
application space in networked storage and integration of PCIe Gen 4
makes it an excellent platform for deployment with Microsemi Switchtec
PCIe switches, including our latest Switchtec PCIe Gen 4 switches
offering the lowest latency, lowest power and highest reliability in the
industry. We look forward to continuing our work with Mellanox BlueField
as we expand our family of innovative Switchtec, Flashtec, SmartRAID and
SmartHBA devices."

NetApp: "NetApp has long used Mellanox network controllers to
support server connectivity, including NVMe-oF on our E-series arrays,"
said Robin Huber, VP E-Series Storage Group at NetApp. "We look forward
to continuing our partnership with Mellanox as we continue to roll out
our portfolio of NVMe over Fabrics support."

Samsung: "NVMe over Fabrics and increasingly fast networking
represents an important approach to connecting NVMe SSDs with next-gen
servers in enterprise and cloud data centers," said Ilker Cebeli, Senior
Director, Memory Product Planning, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc. "As
Samsung delivers faster Z-NAND™, we intend to continue working closely
with Mellanox ConnectX-5 adapters and BlueField controllers to create
high-performance Ethernet Storage Fabric."

SK hynix: "SK hynix's PE6000 series supports NVMe over Fabrics
using Mellanox adapters and new NVMe features," said Jason Jinsoo Kang,
VP, Head of NAND Product Planning Office at SK hynix. "Visit SK hynix
Booth 107 at Flash Memory Summit to see a live demo of NVMe-oF
(NVMe-over-Fabrics) using SK hynix's NVMe SSD with Mellanox ConnectX-5
network adapters and a Mellanox Spectrum Ethernet switch."

Toshiba: "High-speed networking and RDMA using RoCE on Mellanox
adapters are already part of the Toshiba KumoScale™ NVMe-oF™ solution,"
said Sudhakar Mungamoori, Director of Cloud Technology Solutions at
Toshiba Memory America, Inc. "Mellanox is showing great innovation with
their BlueField storage controllers, which can enable NVMe™ over Fabrics
to run entirely on a single, integrated card."

Western Digital: "Mellanox BlueField shows great promise as an
NVMe storage controller," said Scott Hamilton, senior director, product
management, Western Digital's Data Center Systems business unit. "As
Western Digital innovates around new storage solutions and data center
architectures, we look forward to working with Mellanox to help enable
high-performance infrastructures for today and into the future."

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