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Let DLNA® Enhanced 5KPlayer Version 5.2 Set Stage for Summer Movies


The following is a news release from DearMob:

Let the brand-new free 5KPlayer version 5.2 for Windows and version
4.9.2 for Mac set the stage for users to play the impressive 2018 summer
movies in stunning high resolutions without choke. Users may now upgrade
to 5KPlayer
latest version for superior HD and 4K playback performance on both
Windows and Mac, or stream movies from PC to smart TV with this
DLNA®-compliant media player to share joviality with family.

This upgrade aims to uplift the overall software performance in the
playback field. For users fond of higher-class entertainment of summer
movies 2018, 5KPlayer's development team has managed to make not only DLNA®
available, but also continued to add speed control
utility, easy-to-use subtitle settings, as well as other useful tricks
to this free
4K video player

In the midst of the summer movies season, users may free download
5KPlayer version 5.2 for Windows, and version 4.9.2 for Mac to find it
living up to their expectations as befitting a free video player:
5KPlayer's tagline functions such as playing CPU-demanding HEVC
H.265 videos
with hardware acceleration utility, flexible subtitle
settings, and its self-integrated utility to work as a DLNA® server,
DLNA® player and DLNA® client are now carried out in a more intuitive
manner with the user-interface revamped in this version.

"We spare no effort to bring new technologies like hardware
to this product, in exactly the same manner we do to
improve user-experience," said Houston Xu, product manager of 5KPlayer.

Both old and new users may download the latest version of 5KPlayer for
free to take a crack at playing videos at 2.0x, 1.5x, or 0.8x speed and
other nifty useful updates. The comprehensive media library is also
refurbished to allow users to control music playback settings.

Freeware Availability:

5KPlayer is totally free and clean. Now the version 5.2 for Windows, and
version 4.9.2 for macOS are available for download at

About DearMob

DearMob is a vigorous software company with forefront developing
outlook. DearMob is led by its innovative tagline products including the
free 5KPlayer, DearMob iPhone Manager, etc. The brand is ready to enable
more dynamic growth with compact and competitive products for
macOS/Windows/iOS/Android users in 2018. For more information about
DearMob, feel free to visit

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