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PharmaCann Capsules Offer New Option for Medical Cannabis Patients


First-of-its-kind cannabis oral dosage form designed to be absorbed
better, last longer

PharmaCann Capsules, designed to ensure medical cannabis is absorbed
better and lasts longer, provide patients a first-of-its-kind delivery
method beyond inhalation, edibles and tinctures. Developed by PharmaCann,
one of the nation's largest vertically integrated cannabis companies,
the patent-pending oral form pharmaceutical-grade capsules are the first
to use self-emulsifying drug delivery system (SEDDS) technology for

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SEDDS technology has been widely used in the nutrition, nutraceutical,
biotech and pharmaceutical industries, and has been shown to
significantly improve the absorption of everything from antivirals to
immunosuppressant drugs. PharmaCann chose to apply the SEDDS technology
after extensive research to determine the best method for addressing the
highly variable oral absorption rate of cannabis. Taken by mouth,
PharmaCann Capsules are designed to provide convenient and longer
lasting as well as more consistent, reliable and effective dosing and
delivery of medical cannabis.

The two main compounds in cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and
cannabidiol (CBD), are fat- and alcohol-soluble, making them nearly
impossible to dissolve in water, decreasing the amount of compound
absorbed. The SEDDS technology is designed to improve absorption of
fatty compounds in the stomach and intestines and bypass the liver. This
averts the "first pass effect," in which the liver metabolizes
medication, preventing much of it from getting into the bloodstream.
Instead, the goal is that cannabis in the capsules is absorbed partially
by the lymphatic system, resulting in higher levels of cannabinoids
circulating in the bloodstream and providing patients a more uniform and
predictable experience.

"This product helps improve quality of life for patients and they report
that it lasts longer and feels stronger than other oral delivery
options, meaning they only need to take it twice a day instead of three
or four times," said Chris Diorio, director of Research and Development
at PharmaCann. "The capsules are especially convenient for those who
find it difficult to use other forms of cannabis or prefer the
discretion of taking medication in oral form."

The capsules can be taken with or without food and are available in two
strengths and three different cannabinoid profiles, including high THC
and high CBD. They have no odor or taste and use vitamins C and E
derivatives as a preservative to ensure they remain potent.

"This breakthrough reflects PharmCann's commitment to innovation to
ensure we provide patients the most effective and high-quality product,"
said Diorio. "By combining this established technology with our own
unique production methods, we can provide patients the effectiveness of
smoking cannabis in a convenient and often more preferable oral form."

He also notes that these capsules, like other oral dosage forms, provide
patients a safer pain relief alternative to addictive and potentially
dangerous opioids.

PharmaCann Capsules are currently available in the state of New York and
are expected to launch in Illinois by early fall.

About PharmaCann

PharmaCann LLC, one of the largest medical cannabis providers, operates
nine dispensaries and three production facilities across multiple
states, including New York, Illinois and Massachusetts. Focused on
elevating the role of cannabinoid-based therapies in healthcare,
PharmaCann offers pharmaceutical grade cannabis products to patients
seeking relief from qualifying medical conditions. For more information
about PharmaCann, please visit

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