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State of the Industry 2018: Cosmetics and Toiletries in the U.S. (6th Edition) - Greener & Sustainable Practices Can Increase Profits & Sales -


The "State
of the Industry: Cosmetics and Toiletries in the U.S. 6th Edition"

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The State of the Industry reports are concise, yet detailed studies
filled with priceless data, forecasts, and objective analysis. The
amount of valuable data and analysis in this report far outweighs its
cost and is well worth the investment.

State of the Industry reports include historical, current, and future
sales data; drivers of market growth; consumer data; a summary of the
leading companies; distribution channels, foreign trade, and other
relevant data and analysis. This information is a vital part of any
successful business plan.

Report Benefits

  • Valuable Data
  • Insightful Analysis
  • Forecasts to Help Plan
  • Save Time and Money
  • Reasonably Priced

Key Topics Covered

  1. Drivers of Industry Growth
  2. Aging Population and Millennials to Boost Industry Sales
  3. Ethnic Market Potential and Important Ethnic Trends
  4. Natural and Organic Personal Care Sales
  5. Greener and Sustainable Practices Can Increase Profits and Sales
  6. Cosmeceuticals Benefit from Changing Demographics
  7. U.S. Apparent Consumption
  8. Imports and Exports
  9. Overall U.S. Shipments
  10. Hair Preparations
  11. Creams, Lotions, and Oils
  12. Perfumes, Toilet Waters, and Colognes
  13. Dentifrices, Mouthwashes, Gargles, and Rinses
  14. Shaving Preparations
  15. Lip, Eye, Nail, and Other Cosmetics and Toilet Preparations
  16. Producer Price Trends
  17. Retail Sales and Distribution Trends
  18. Top 20 Personal Care Companies
  19. Demographic Trends for Household Expenditures on Cosmetics and
  20. E-Commerce and Social Media Have Changed the Marketplace
  21. Economic Trends

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