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A.M. BestTV: Incoming IFRS Standard Promotes Consistency Across Regions, Says A.M. Best Senior Director


In this A.M.BestTV episode, Carlos Wong-Fupuy, senior
director, A.M. Best, examines the impact the latest International
Financial Reporting Standards, or IFRS 17, which takes effect in 2021.
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The new IFRS 17 is expected to have a significant impact on the
insurance industry, and although IFRS 17 will mainly effect life
companies, Wong-Fupuy said non-life companies should not disregard it.

"IFRS 17 does not make an explicit distinction between life and non-life
businesses," said Wong-Fupuy. "There is a general model that is probably
most appropriate for life business. …Nevertheless, bear in mind that
there are a number of non-life companies writing multi-year business,
with large corporate and liability risks; therefore, by no means can
companies think that they are outside the scope of IFRS 17."

Wong-Fupuy also said he believes that there will be no significant
impact on how A.M. Best analyzes a company's financial strength.

"In terms of immediate impact, I would not expect anything significant.
The A.M. Best approach is always to try to see a company from an
economic point of view. To the extent that the current accounting
standards are reflecting that economic reality, I would not expect
significant differences."

To access a copy of this briefing, titled, "IFRS 17—Enhanced
Transparency Will Be Worth the Effort for Insurers," visit

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