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EXTEN™ Introduces the First Storage Software Platform Supporting the NVMe over Fabrics, Redfish®, and Swordfish™ Open Industry Standards


EXTEN HyperDynamic™ storage software for cloud and high-performance
data centers offers industry-leading NVMe over Fabrics performance with
DMTF Redfish and SNIA Swordfish management

EXTEN Technologies, Inc. announced today the introduction of
its HyperDynamic NVMe over Fabrics high-performance storage
software. EXTEN pioneered NVMe-oF (NVM Express over Fabrics) with some
of the industry's earliest implementations in 2015. Now, EXTEN continues
its innovation with its HyperDynamic storage software platform, the
first high-performance storage solution incorporating the NVMe-oF,
Redfish, and Swordfish open industry standards to support unlimited
scaling of cloud and other demanding data centers for data and
performance intensive workloads.

EXTEN is demonstrating and showcasing its HyperDynamic storage software
at the annual Flash Memory Summit (FMS) being held next week in Santa
Clara, California. FMS attendees can learn more at EXTEN partner booths
that include AIC, Broadcom, Celestica, Mellanox, and Solarflare.

"The scalability requirements of modern cloud data centers surpass the
capabilities of customary storage architectures and solutions,"
says Michael Enz, Chief Architect for EXTEN. "Data center architects
know that even the most advanced all flash solid-state drive
(SSD) solutions cannot overcome the inherent limitations of traditional
storage area network (SAN) architectures. EXTEN's NVMe over Fabrics
storage architecture provides the required extensibility and flexibility
required with performance that saturates current platforms."

Next-Generation Storage Technology

The EXTEN HyperDynamic storage software disaggregates storage by moving
non-volatile memory, including flash and 3D XPoint™ SSDs, from
traditional storage and server systems to fabric-attached enclosures
like JBOFs (just a bunch of flash) connected using low-latency and
high-bandwidth NVMe over Fabrics technology. The HyperDynamic software
runs on a flexible hardware ecosystem, including industry-standard Intel
and AMD x64 servers and custom SoC-based enclosures, providing the
freedom to design highly-optimized solutions using components from
diverse manufacturers that balance cost and performance. Solutions based
on HyperDynamic software are extensible using a RESTful API and custom
microservices to facilitate the development of advanced data management
and other capabilities.

"We listened carefully to real customers with a variety of cloud and
other demanding workloads who wanted to overcome the challenges of
scalable capacity and performance with legacy storage systems," says
Craig Gilmore, CEO of EXTEN. "I want to thank our engineering team for
designing a game changing storage solution that exceeds the expectations
of our partners, addresses the most demanding customer requirements and
surpasses anything currently available in the marketplace."

Open Industry Standards for Management

Support for Redfish and Swordfish open management standards are
incorporated within the EXTEN HyperDynamic RESTful API to simplify data
center operations. Storage Network Industry Association's (SNIA)
Swordfish is an open industry standard that defines the management of
data storage and services. It is an extension to the Distributed
Management Task Force's (DMTF) Redfish application programming interface
(API) specification designed for use by cloud and web-based IT
professionals. Together, Redfish and Swordfish facilitate integration by
EXTEN partners and simplify management by customers of solutions
incorporating the HyperDynamic storage software.


EXTEN Technologies is a pioneer in NVMe over Fabrics software
applications. The EXTEN HyperDynamic storage software solution is a
fully compliant protocol implementation that provides the highest
performance available with less than one microsecond of overhead latency
to the most demanding data centers in the world. The EXTEN architecture
is the first open standards NVMe solution with no proprietary hardware
or software lock-in and includes Redfish and Swordfish in its REST API
that offers frictionless integration to both partners and end-users.

EXTEN Technologies was founded in 2012 and is based in Austin, Texas.
online to schedule a demonstration and learn more about how EXTEN HD
software can solve your most pressing problems.

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