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Allied Wallet Launches a Brand New Website to Service Millions Worldwide


Allied Wallet, a globally leading provider of online
payment processing
offering various payment solutions in 196
countries all over the world, recently launched a new website to support
their "smarter credit card processing and merchant services."

The award-winning company is showcased by a sleek, stimulating, and
informative website featuring all new tools, references, and options for
merchants and consumers alike.

Paired with their new NextGen Payment Gateway, Allied Wallet has a look
and feel that reflects their state-of-the-art technology and payment

The interactive, responsive design caters to over 150 million users all
over the world and is localized in several languages with more to come.

"We have business owners and online shoppers from every continent in the
world. We wanted to update our look and simplify the way we present our
products, services, and tools. We want to help even more businesses
grow, and we want to bring more businesses to life," said Dr. Andy
Khawaja (CEO of Allied Wallet), "… I think these additional steps will
help us reach a new audience and new markets."

This year, Allied Wallet has already seen steady growth in their
merchant portfolio, but beyond that, they are seeing exponential success
for their merchants as they reach more and more customers all over the

"Their success is our success and we love to see them grow," Dr. Khawaja
said about Allied Wallet's merchants, "…together we can become
successful. We work hard to provide our merchants with the best tools."

Visit Allied Wallet's new website here.

About Allied Wallet:

Allied Wallet continues to revolutionize the e-commerce industry by
introducing new and innovative payment processing solutions for online
merchants, enabling them to send and receive global payments.
With PCI compliant merchant services for nearly any business size,
Allied Wallet provides a state-of-the-art payment gateway to optimize
online transactions. Please visit

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