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Federal Court of Appeals in Brazil Announces Another Decision in Favor of SPI Group in Long-Running Stolichnaya Trademark Dispute


On Tuesday, July 31, 2018, the Brazilian Federal Court of Appeals
rejected a motion for clarification submitted by Russian-state entity
FKP Sojuzplodoimport ("FKP"), thus upholding the same Court's prior
decision on the appeal in the Stolichnaya trademark case, dated October
31, 2017, that confirmed the SPI Group's ownership of the trademarks.
Alleging lack of clarity of such prior decision, FKP attempted, without
success, to completely reverse the result of the trial.

In addition, upon SPI Group's request, the Brazilian Court made it clear
that FKP's claims have been dismissed with prejudice as a consequence of
being time-barred.

This marks another positive result in a long string of victories in
Brazil for SPI. The Court of Appeal's decision was unanimous, with the
judges ruling 3-0 in favor of SPI.

SPI Group continues to expect positive results in Brazil and in other
jurisdictions where FKP has brought similar claims, since FKP's claims
in the long-standing dispute have no merit.

SPI and its affiliates own the Stolichnaya trademarks in more than 180

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