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Consumer-driven Healthcare Company Bright Health Selects Messagepoint to Enhance its Customer Communications Strategy


a leader in developing and delivering innovative software and services
within the Customer Communications Management (CCM) market, announced
today that Bright Health, a consumer-driven healthcare company, has
chosen Messagepoint to enhance and futureproof its customer
communications strategy through the use of the Medicare Touchpoint
Exchange, a purpose-built solution for the creation of government
required member materials.

Bright Health is committed to offering affordable and higher quality
healthcare to individuals and their families. The company was looking to
work with an innovative partner to help streamline its processes around
the creation of its Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)
required materials, including the Annual Notice of Change (ANOC),
Evidence of Coverage (EOC), and Summary of Benefits (SB). A key driver
in the decision process was to find a solution that could automate the
materials creation process.

Other key drivers in the vendor selection process included
Messagepoint's extensive expertise in the healthcare space, the
platform's intuitive business-user interface, and its purpose-built
solution for Medicare required materials.

"Bright Health engaged Messagepoint to support our significant health
plan expansion," said Alexa Wahr, senior director, Constituent Services
at Bright Health. "To hit our growth targets, we knew that a
best-in-class materials automation process was critical. After a
thorough review of the market, we feel confident that Messagepoint can
not only meet our needs to produce compliant documents quickly and
easily, but can also be a great partner for our growth."

Messagepoint has integrated its solution with the CMS software which
every health plan uses to submit Medicare benefits to the government for
approval, named the Plan Benefits Package (PBP) software. This
integration ensures the benefits the government approves and the
benefits shown in the health plan documents match—a factor that, if
missed, can result in significant fines to correct.

By partnering with Messagepoint, Bright Health is now able to quickly
scale their health plan material creation process year after year
through the Messagepoint Touchpoint Exchange—which, given that in 2019
Bright Health intends to expand the number of Medicare plans it offers
by as much as four-fold, will be essential for growth.

"This growth would have been difficult to support without an automated
approach," said Wahr. "The Messagepoint Touchpoint Exchange will not
only make it so Bright Health is positioned to handle this year's
Medicare growth, but will also help prepare the company for future

Messagepoint also provides Bright Health with the ability to generate
translated materials much faster through an agile translations approach.
This approach will shift the turnaround time for Bright Health's
translated documents from a six-week period to just 48 hours.

About Bright Health

Bright Health provides affordable health insurance for everyday
individuals. Through its exclusive Care Partnerships in local
communities, Bright Health is reshaping how people and providers achieve
better health together by making healthcare simpler, more affordable and
personal. Bright Health currently offers a range of individual, family
and Medicare Advantage plans in Arizona, Colorado and Alabama via its
website, call center, broker partners and through government websites as
well as public health insurance exchanges. Bright Health co-founders
include Bob Sheehy, former CEO of UnitedHealthcare; Kyle Rolfing,
co-founder and former CEO of Definity Health and RedBrick Health; and
Tom Valdivia, MD, MS, former chief health consumer officer of Definity
Health. Learn more at

About Messagepoint

Messagepoint Inc. is a leader in developing and delivering innovative
software and services within the Customer Communications Management
market. The Messagepoint cloud-based platform helps companies strengthen
their customer communications by enabling business users to control the
entire messaging lifecycle for all print or digital communications
without burdening IT. Messagepoint has recently strengthened its
commitment to the healthcare vertical by building a dedicated healthcare
practice. This practice is comprised of industry experts to address the
needs of the Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial member communications
needs. For more information, visit Messagepoint

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