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VIPKid Announces Expansion of Curricula, Product Lines, and Overseas Operations Across 100 Countries


VIPKid, one of the world's largest education technology companies,
launched V+ today, a comprehensive upgrade and expansion of the
company's curriculum, technology, and global reach. The V+
initiative expands VIPKid's education offerings to now include four
distinct sets of curricula, comprising six separate product lines that
deliver quality content to PreK-12 students. In addition, VIPKid
announced today a new strategic partnership with Microsoft China to
develop smart classroom technology as well as the launch of a new
initiative to expand international operations to 100 countries within
the next three years.

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VIPKid Founder and CEO Cindy Mi announces VIPKid's expansion of curricula, product lines, and overse ...

VIPKid Founder and CEO Cindy Mi announces VIPKid's expansion of curricula, product lines, and overseas operations across 100 countries (Photo: Business Wire)

Through these initiatives, VIPKid is even better positioned to become
the world's largest online education company for children. "With the
support of our teachers and the pedagogical expertise of our curriculum
team, we have taken several monumental steps in service of our mission
to inspire and empower every child for the future," said Cindy Mi,
Founder and CEO of VIPKid. International expansion and the addition of
new product lines will enable VIPKid to reach more children and will
mean even greater opportunities for teachers to pursue their passion
through teaching.

A comprehensive PreK-12 education program to inspire children to
become global citizens

VIPKid's education product team, in partnership with 11 highly-regarded
international education institutions, including Houghton Mifflin
Harcourt (HMH) and Oxford University Press, has developed an
unprecedented digital education ecosystem for PreK-12 students globally.
Cindy Mi said, "With over 60,000 teachers in the U.S. and Canada, VIPKid
is the largest community of online English language teachers in the
world, and the V+ initiative will complement cutting-edge
teaching practices to help foster the next generation of global

New product lines to provide a comprehensive suite of content for
PreK-12 students

VIPKid announced today the launch of four new product lines that will
complement the existing VIPKid and Lingo Bus brands to provide a
comprehensive suite of content for all ages up to 18 years old. New
product lines include:

  • 自由星球 ("Freedom Planet") for children ages 0-4 focusing on the
    parent-child relationship;
  • Big Bear English for children ages 3-6 providing English courses and
    tools for Chinese families to prepare children for future language
  • SayABC for children ages 5-12 providing English courses through a
    one-on-four digital classroom to over 300,000 registered users; and
  • VIP Bee School, an online dual-teacher English learning platform for
    large classes of students ages 9-15.

International expansion of operations to 100 countries in the next
three years

VIPKid also announced its plan to open seven offices in cities outside
of China (bringing the total number of overseas offices to ten) and to
expand services to 100 countries in the next three years. VIPKid
currently has over 500,000 paying students located in 63 countries,
including Japan, France, and Brazil. VIPKid recently launched operations
in Korea and entered into a strategic content partnership with
SMARTSTUDY, a popular Korea children's education content company
well-known for their PINKFONG franchise.

"We are confident that the unparalleled quality of the learning
experience that we offer through our teachers and education products
will resonate with children around the world. We are proud to continue
providing personalized learning to the next generation of global
citizens, bridging cultures and countries around the world," said Cindy

Strategic research and development partnership with Microsoft China

VIPKid is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Microsoft China
to conduct research and development on the application of smart
classroom technology to help analyze student behavior and enable
personalized learning.

Regarding the partnership between the two companies, Qi Zhang,
Distinguished Engineer and Senior Deputy Director of Microsoft Search
Technology Center Asia, said, "At Microsoft, we believe there is great
potential in bringing smart technology to the online classroom and we
look forward to working with VIPKid on exploring how we can improve
learning outcomes in the field of education."

About VIPKid

VIPKid is a global education technology company that connects children
with the world's best teachers for real-time online English immersion
learning. VIPKid's mission is to inspire and empower every child for the
future. VIPKid believes that education is not one-size-fits-all, rather
all students are unique and the world is within their reach when
connected with great teachers capable of personalizing learning and
sparking curiosity.

Founded in 2013 and formally launched in 2014, VIPKid has become China's
market-leading online education startup, attracting investment from
Tencent, Sequoia Capital, Yunfeng Capital, Coatue Management, Matrix
Partners, Sinovation Ventures, Learn Capital, Northern Light VC, Bryant
Stibel, among others. The VIPKid platform currently connects over
500,000 paying students with over 60,000 teachers in the US and Canada.

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