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EuclidIQ Receives Patent Grant for AI Technology


EuclidIQ, a leader in video compression, is excited to announce a new
U.S. patent grant on its latest technology that can help provide better
quality video at low resolutions for emerging countries. The patent,
titled "Perceptual Optimization for Model-Based Video Encoding,"
uses artificial intelligence to mimic the processing of the human
visual system by adapting encoding decisions based on perceived
complexity within video frames.

As emerging countries increase their use of the Internet via mobile
devices, providing quality video over constrained bandwidth is a top
priority for EuclidIQ. The Perceptual Quality Optimization (PQO)
technique described in the patent is one of two essential technologies
included in EuclidIQ's cloud-based Rithm transcoder that addresses the
constrained bandwidth challenge. Rithm employs AI both in the
pre-encoding and encoding phases of video compression. It optimizes
bitrate pre-encoding for a desired quality level on a per-segment basis
and uses PQO to adjust encoding decisions block-by-block based on what
is most noticeable to the human visual system.

Nigel Lee, Chief Science Officer at EuclidIQ, commented, "Incorporating
aspects of the human visual system into the encoding process has been
the ‘holy grail' of video compression technology development for some
time now. Several companies have claimed to accomplish some form of
this, but we believe (and extensive testing has shown) that our version
of PQO effectively improves encoding efficiency significantly over
standard encoders. In bandwidth-constrained scenarios, this can result
in noticeable quality improvements over standard encodings. We are
excited that this technology is now patented." EuclidIQ continues to
advance and protect its Intellectual property rights with patent filings
in the US and around the world.

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