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Reel Cash Offers Moviegoers an Alternative to MoviePass


Reel Cash's asset-based film industry token gives theaters back their
ticket revenue, puts more money into the hands of independent
filmmakers, and pays moviegoers for sharing their viewing data.

Reel Holdings, LLC, a Wyoming-registered fintech company that brings
disruption to how movies are financed and viewed, has announced an
alternative to HMNY's (NASDAQ:HMNY) MoviePass called Reel Cash.

"MoviePass's application of the Netflix subscription model for
moviegoers was a good one, but they failed to find a market for their
consumer data. Reel Cash gives moviegoers a market to sell their
viewing data, then divides the proceeds of the sale between the
moviegoer and the filmmaker who's looking for financing and distribution
said founder Jeffrey Carr. "MoviePass's model, even if it wasn't
intended, became a zero-sum game."

"All zero-sum games yield a pareto optimal distribution with resources
concentrated in the hands of the few," adds Dr. Rez Khan, Reel Cash's
lead developer. "By adding a degree of freedom through the REEL token,
we are fundamentally altering the incentive structure. Filmmakers,
moviegoers, and theater chains are all rewarded for their decisions.
This optimizes profit by reducing risk in production for mainstream as
well as niche films."

Entertainment attorney Bianca Goodloe, who has advised on over 150 films
and is an expert in film finance, is one of Reel Cash's co-founders. "I
describe Reel Cash as a mashup of Netflix, MoviePass, and Slated.
clients who are looking to finance two to ten million dollar features
now have a streamlined process to obtaining funding where all parties
benefit, including theater owners who get Reel-funded features for free
in exchange for marketing support. All participants accept and spend
REEL tokens, and every completed film becomes an underlying asset for
the currency."

Reel Cash also provides relief for pain points suffered by many film
investors and above-the-line talent. "Unlocking the black boxes of
viewing data and program ratings within the entertainment industry will
allow individuals equitable leverage in negotiating their deals
financiers access to investment performance without having to resort to
audits, and will allow the black boxes themselves transparency amongst
each other, which helps support meritocracy within the ecosystem," said

More information is available at the Reel
Cash website

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