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EthosEnergy Awarded Multi-Million Dollar icon™ Control System Contract by UMPA


EthosEnergy has been awarded a multi-million dollar icon™ control system
contract by Utah Municipal Power Agency (UMPA) at their West Valley
Power Station in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The contract is for an icon™ control system retrofit for five GE LM6000
gas turbines as well as a virtualized Balance of Plant (BOP) controls,
including a new plant historian.

Jerame Blevins from UMPA said, "EthosEnergy's experience as the leading
independent retrofitter coupled with their extensive knowledge on LM6000
units made them our first choice for this project.

"Their ability to supply several upgrades including cold weather
improvements, Swift Start, vibration upgrades, and a training simulator
added maximum value to both the work and our power station."

Kurt Berg, Senior Vice President of Optimization and Upgrades at
EthosEnergy said, "Having successfully completed over 50 installations
of LM6000 units, we were able to demonstrate our widespread knowledge
with the units to UMPA.

"We also included several value-adding services that will fix lingering
issues including Swift Start. The Swift Start option was key to allowing
the West Valley Power Station to reduce their start times, keeping the
plant competitive in the generation market."

The EthosEnergy icon™ control system provides a low-risk,
open-architecture solution that eliminates restrictive operational and
support barriers of legacy purpose-built systems. Our control system
solutions provide increased flexibility, availability, and risk
reduction to owners and operators of gas and steam turbines for both
turbine and balance of plant control. By leveraging our gas and steam
turbine expertise and plant operational know-how, we maximize value for
our customers by providing a customized solution based on our
specialized designs. Utilizing non-proprietary and proven
open-architecture solutions allows the control system to be tailored to
specific needs and allows the operator to be self-sufficient.

Notes to Editor

EthosEnergy is a leading independent service provider of rotating
equipment services and solutions to the power, oil & gas and industrial
markets. Globally, these services include facility operations &
maintenance; design, manufacture and application of engineered
components, upgrades and re-rates; repair, overhaul and optimization of
gas and steam turbines, generators, transformers, pumps, compressors and
other high-speed rotating equipment as well as power plant engineering
and procurement and construction.

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