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Suretypedia #Airdrops Entire Database of Fillable PDF Surety Bond Forms Online


Update allows users to research, download, fill and print bond forms
for every bond in the database.

Suretypedia, the free encyclopedia of surety bonds, announces new PDF
functionality for the 12,397 bond forms currently active in the database. The update unlocks Suretypedia's entire online
interactive PDF bond form library, centralizing the universe of surety
bonds previously scattered across various government websites into one
central database available to the public for the first time.

"We launched in April of this year as a free online
resource to make it easier to find information about surety bonds. We
were astounded at the number of surety executives, insurance agents,
contractors, lawyers, even engineering teams that are excited about the
resource," said Bjorn Simundson, Founder/CEO of Suretypedia creator,
Moonshot Works. "Of the insightful feedback we received upon our initial
release, we learned from the community that we could greatly enhance the
utility of our website by including a central repository of fillable pdf
bond forms to pair with our bond articles. Even experienced surety
professionals can utilize the database to find obscure bonds and/or keep
internal databases up to date", Simundson added.

"We are delighted to announce that functionality is now live! Now, you
can not only find in depth information on the surety bonds relevant to
you, but also download and fill out the related bond form digitally.
This makes finding and executing the right bond easier than ever. The
team did a great job!" Simundson said.

About Suretypedia is the go-to online resource for information on surety
bonds in the United States. Our mission is to provide transparent,
in-depth information on every surety bond in the USA. Suretypedia is
designed to benefit the education community, the insurance industry,
government, quasi-government and private organizations that establish
surety bond requirements, and the businesses and individuals who
purchase surety bonds.


About Moonshot Works

Moonshot Works is a privately held, technology incubator, startup
strategy and marketing firm, dedicated to helping incubate and launch
impactful businesses, aimed at improving the human condition.



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