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New Nalco Water Molecular Legionella Test Provides Results 14-Times Faster Than Current Methods


Nalco Water, an Ecolab company, has introduced a molecular-based test
for Legionella that provides results 14-times faster than current
culture testing methods to help building and cooling tower operators
manage public health risks from the waterborne pathogen. The new
Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR) test is part of the water
safety analytical services platform Nalco Water provides through its
industry-leading Legionella Risk Management Program.

"Companies are becoming more focused on understanding and managing the
potential health risks of their water systems," said Michael Johannsen,
executive vice president and general manager, global Light Industries
and Water Services, Nalco Water. "The qPCR test is a game-changer in the
detection and control of Legionella and further strengthens our ability
to help customers address waterborne pathogen challenges."

The qPCR test identifies the presence of Legionella DNA
and provides results in genomic units. Monthly test results can show if
Legionella bacteria are increasing and can complement quarterly
Legionella culture testing to ensure the effectiveness of a
water management program. The molecular-based test also can be used to
confirm the effectiveness of remediation after cleaning and disinfection.

Nalco Water's qPCR test protocols are validated according to
International Standards Organization (ISO) methods. In 2017, the
company's Legionella laboratory was one of four laboratories to
participate in a preliminary PCR testing protocol through the Centers
for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Environmental Legionella
Isolation Techniques Evaluation (ELITE) Program. The lab also is a
charter member of the CDC-ELITE program for the Legionella culture test
method and is New York Department of Health Environmental Laboratory
Approval Program (ELAP) accredited and LGC Standards and Public Health
England qualified.

Nalco Water's Legionella testing capabilities are included as part of an
effective risk management strategy and align with the company's holistic
approach to reduce Legionella risk as part of an effective water
management program. Nalco Water has helped develop and implement more
than 15,000 water management programs for customers.

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