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AxiomLevel Technologies Launches Investor Onboarding Platform to Accelerate the Convergence of Traditional Financial Markets and Digital Assets


A Comprehensive RegTech (Regulatory Technology) Solution for Investor
Registration, Verification and Digital Wallet Whitelisting

AxiomLevel Technologies, a global provider of DApp solutions and custom
blockchain development services, announces the launch of an Investor
Onboarding Platform, a comprehensive solution for investor registration,
verification and management. AxiomLevel's platform is one of the first
to integrate regulatory compliant Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money
Laundering (AML) and Accredited Investor verification with a global
whitelisting solution for digital wallets.

The market is witnessing explosive growth in digital assets, and growing
communication and guidelines from entities like the SEC, FINRA and
FinCEN, who want to bring pertinent regulation to the space. As
companies look to unlock the power of blockchain technology to tokenize
their capital structure and access new sources of liquidity, the need to
operate in the increasingly complex environment with regulatory
compliance is paramount. Token issuers, advisors, investors and
financial institutions all need a solution to manage the onboarding
process and mitigate the regulatory and compliance risks of digital
asset transactions.

"Balancing regulatory-compliant KYC within a digital asset model is
challenging, especially given the pseudo-anonymous nature of wallet
addresses," said Raleigh Harbour, co-founder of AxiomLevel. "Only by
directly tying the wallet address to robust, data-driven KYC
verification can you ensure that the wallet executing the transaction is
actually owned by the person who initially established their identity."

Compliance is a major undertaking for issuers and financial institutions
in the new world of tokenized fundraising and trading. As regulators
increase scrutiny on the onboarding process, as well as on monitoring
and screening of secondary market transactions, it's vital to know who
you are doing business with. AxiomLevel's platform is designed for an
easy and fast onboarding process, combined with assurance that investor
verification is accurate and up-to-date.

AxiomLevel's Investor Onboarding Platform provides a portal for
investors to complete their KYC, AML and Accredited Investor
verification in a unified, intuitive workflow. This data is then tied to
an investor's digital wallet address, enabling regulatory compliance
within a digital asset context. The platform can be white-labeled to
match the issuer's brand, is fully encrypted, and supports investors for
more than 30 countries. The solution also provides a comprehensive
dashboard for issuers, advisors and financial institutions. The
dashboard enables customers to track registration status for a global
investor base, provides in-depth analytics to prioritize valuable
investor relationships, and leverages time-series data to evaluate the
ROI (return on investment) of marketing and outreach efforts.

"At AxiomLevel, we are building technology that allows companies to
embrace regulatory trends, gain valuable insights into a global investor
base, and execute their business with absolute confidence," said Umesh
Lalwani, co-founder of AxiomLevel. "By screening and verifying potential
retail and institutional investors, we help to ensure that securities
and digital currencies can be accessed in a highly compliant manner,
thereby increasing the security, transparency and trustworthiness of

Launched in April 2018, AxiomLevel Technologies LLC is a joint venture
between Genesis Block Group Holdings LLC and Blockaire LLC. The Genesis
Block family of companies also provides business and regulatory
advisory, as well as digital asset financial services through its
FINRA-registered broker-dealer, GB Capital Markets Inc. Blockaire brings
in-depth development experience in Ethereum, EOS and Hyperledger, and
more than 20 years of vertical expertise building solutions for startups
and large institutions in the financial services, healthcare and media &
entertainment sectors.

About AxiomLevel Technologies

AxiomLevel Technologies provides DApp solutions and custom blockchain
development services for industry-leading companies looking to unlock
the potential of blockchain technology. Companies work with AxiomLevel
to access world-class developer talent and accelerate their blockchain
roadmap. For more information, please visit:

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