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BluVector Expands Real-Time Detection of Fileless Malware on the Network


BluVector Demonstrates New Features Extending its Fileless Malware
Detection and Response Capabilities at Black Hat 2018

a leader in AI-driven network security technology, today announced the
latest version of BluVector® Cortex™, the company's flagship platform,
capable of sensing and responding to the world's most sophisticated
threats in real-time.

This latest upgrade focuses on further innovation within the platform's
network-based fileless malware detection, offering the ability to detect
the greatest range of fileless attacks and automatically block these
threats through its rich partner ecosystem.

"BluVector Cortex continues to evolve ahead of the industry with the
expansion of its real-time detection of zero-day fileless malware on the
network, providing the greatest breadth of fileless coverage and the
only solution that empowers threat analysts with targeted logging
surrounding a fileless event," said Kris Lovejoy, CEO, BluVector. "We're
excited to return to Black Hat to show how these new capabilities can
help organizations overcome one of the biggest security challenges of
2018 – detecting and responding to fileless malware."

The company also leverages its strong partner alliances, including a
partnership with Carbon
, to offer a unique solution on the market, capable of
providing automated protection from fileless malware.

"As cybercriminals continue to evolve, we've seen an increase in
fileless attacks," said Jim Raine, Director of Technology Alliances,
Carbon Black. "By combining BluVector and Carbon Black, customers are
able to achieve end-to-end, immediate protection from advanced threats."

Enhancements to BluVector Cortex includes new features that expand
detection coverage, improve the investigation and response workflow and
further scalability. Major new features and enhancements include:

  • PowerShell Detection – In addition to its existing coverage of
    JavaScript- and VBScript-based attacks, BluVector now also supports
    the analysis of PowerShell scripts in network traffic, identifying
    potential zero-day attacks before they have the chance to cause damage.
  • Fileless Script Capture and Context – Access to the actual
    scripts and related network traffic from a fileless attack all in one
    place enables an organization to easily investigate and even
    reverse-engineer a threat without the need for expensive full packet
  • Advanced Threat Investigation – Today's threats often make use
    of multiple stages and threat vectors, which can make investigation a
    very manual process. Enhanced search capabilities and new filters
    simplify and automate this correlation process, allowing analysts to
    quickly understand if an event was a standalone incident or part of a
    larger attack.
  • 20G Form Factor – Support for very large environments makes
    BluVector Cortex the only solution capable of detecting
    never-before-seen file-based and fileless malware in real-time on
    enterprise- and data center-grade networks.

BluVector will demonstrate its new capabilities at Black Hat USA 2018,
Booth #2504, from Aug. 4-9, 2018 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

You can follow BluVector's activity at Black Hat on Twitter
and LinkedIn.

About BluVector
BluVector is revolutionizing network
security with state-of-the-art AI, sensing and responding to the world's
most sophisticated threats in real-time. With the unmatched advantage of
eight years of work with the US Intel Community and their threat data,
only BluVector has the proven ability to protect against emerging
threats on average 13 months in advance. Stop waiting for breaches to
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