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Watts Miners Brings the Most Powerful Crypto Mining Rigs to Market


Watts Miners (
today announces it is steadily emerging as the next big name in the
thriving global market for cryptocurrency mining. The company recently
launched three crypto miners equipped with hash rate powers that are
unprecedented in the industry. Developed using advanced ASIC chip
technology, each of these miners can be used to mine Bitcoin, Litecoin,
Ethereum, Monero, and Dash. The easy-to-use miners have become known for
their ability to provide a complete return on investment within a month.

Though cryptocurrency mining has now become commonplace amongst many
crypto enthusiasts, earning quick and assured profits from mining has
never been an easy process. Moreover, the profit-making potential of a
miner can suffer significantly because of the high initial expenses,
electricity cost, and mining difficulty. Watts Miners has addressed
these limitations by creating multi-algorithm miners with
extraordinarily high hash rate powers coupled with low power consumption.

For those unfamiliar with the term hash rate, it is the measure of a
miner's performance. Higher hash rate means there is more processing
power available to run and solve the different hashing algorithms
associated with generating new cryptocurrency as reward for enabling
transactions to occur on the network.

"Our goal was not only to create the best miners that are easy to use,
but also to assure our customers the best return rate of investment,"
said Watts Miners Chief Financial Officer Nancy Lopez. "Today, we are
proud to announce that our mining rigs are second to none in the
industry when it comes to power, efficiency, and profitability."

Mentioned below are some of the most attractive features of the new
cryptocurrency miners from Watts Miners.

  • Extraordinary hash power of up to 1000 TH/s for Bitcoin, 200 GH/s for
    Litecoin, 28 GH/s for Ethereum, 6.8 TH/s for Dash, and 1200 KH/s for
  • Low power consumption of 800W±10%, 1200W±10%, and (1200W±10%) x4 for
    the three products
  • Operating Temperature of 10°C to 45°C
  • Less than 45 dB noise
  • Original Watts Miners water cooling noiseless system
  • Durability with more than 70,000 hours of ongoing performance
  • Customizable solutions for large mining farms
  • Ability to be installed in residential areas

To learn more about Watts Miners and their advanced range of products,
please visit

About Watts Miners: Watts Miners is a manufacturer of
high-quality cryptocurrency miners that deliver extremely high hash
power without consuming a lot of power. Their team is comprised of
several top-level professionals from renowned organizations such as
Samsung, Microsoft, IBM, and many others. Headquartered in New York, the
company currently has manufacturing facilities in USA, Germany, China
and Russia.

Company Contact

1740 Broadway 14th Floor
New York, NY
Tel: 929-220-1825

Corporate Communications Contact
Lexington Ave.
New York, NY 10128

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