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Final Month for VW, Audi 2.0-Liter Diesel Owners, Lessees to File Class Action Settlement Claims and Receive Benefits


Eligible consumers must file claims by September 1 to receive
buyback or approved emissions modification plus additional cash

Owners and lessees of Volkswagen and Audi 2.0-liter diesel vehicles who
have yet to complete a claim in the 2.0-liter class action settlement
have until September 1, 2018 to claim
benefits for a vehicle buyback or an approved emissions modification,
along with thousands of dollars in cash compensation.

In the two years since the Volkswagen "Clean Diesel" 2.0-liter class
action settlement was announced, Volkswagen has compensated class
members an aggregate amount of over $7.75 billion, and more than 85
percent of the affected 2.0-liter diesel vehicles have been modified or
removed from the road.

The historic class action settlement, which received final approval from
Judge Charles R. Breyer in the United States District Court for the
Northern District of California on October 25, 2016, requires Volkswagen
to create a funding pool of up to $10.033 billion for consumer class
benefits. These benefits include vehicle buybacks, lease terminations,
and emissions modifications, along with substantial cash

"We strongly encourage eligible Volkswagen and Audi owners and lessees
who have not yet filed claims to do so immediately," said Elizabeth
Cabraser, Court-appointed Lead Counsel and chair of the 21-member
Plaintiffs' Steering Committee, which negotiated the settlement on
behalf of class members. "The benefits under this historic settlement –
for both consumers and the environment – are too significant to pass up."

Class members who have not yet completed a
claim in the 2.0-liter Settlement Program are urged to note the
following dates:

  • Sept. 1, 2018 – 2.0-liter Settlement Claims Deadline:
    Class members with eligible 2.0-liter vehicles must submit a complete
    and accurate claim, including all required documents, by Sept. 1,
    2018. Class members who fail to submit a completed claim with all
    required documentation by the Sept. 1, 2018 deadline will be
    considered untimely and ineligible for settlement benefits.
  • Dec. 1, 2018 Signed Offer Letter Submission:
    Class members who receive an offer letter in the 2.0-liter Settlement
    Program should sign and return their offer letter to Volkswagen by no
    later than Dec. 1, 2018. Class members who return their offer letters
    after Dec. 1, 2018 may jeopardize their ability to claim benefits
    before the 2.0-liter Settlement Program ends on Dec. 30, 2018.
  • Dec. 30, 2018 – Deadline to Complete Buyback, Early Lease
    Termination, or Approved Emissions Modification
    : The 2.0-liter
    Settlement Program will end on Dec. 30, 2018, and class members who
    are eligible for benefits must complete their selected remedy by that
    date. Class members who wait until the last days of the 2.0-liter
    Settlement Program to schedule their closing appointment may be unable
    to find an available appointment to receive benefits from the

The above deadlines apply only to claims in the 2.0-liter class action
settlement. A separate settlement was reached in January 2017 on behalf
of owners and lessees of Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche 3.0-Liter diesel
vehicles. As of June 2018, Volkswagen has paid over $861 million to the
3.0-Liter class members as part of that settlement.

All class members of the Volkswagen "Clean Diesel" Marketing, Sales
Practices, and Products Liability Litigation can visit
or call 1-844-98-CLAIM to access the Online Claims Portal and submit a

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