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TVB's Steve Lanzano Says New Nielsen Report Confirms Dominance of Linear Television with Strong Growth in Time Spent


Americans' Daily Time Spent Viewing Video Content on Traditional
Television is 4x Greater Than OTT / Streaming TV and over 28x Greater
Than Mobile Viewing

TVB (,
the not-for-profit trade association of America's local broadcast
television industry, today issued the following statement from Steve
Lanzano, President and CEO, on Nielsen's
Q1 2018 Total Audience Report

"Nielsen's Q1 Total Audience Report confirms Americans' consistent
preference for linear television over all other media. With so many
media options both traditional and digital, adults continue to spend by
far the most time with linear television, nearly five hours a day, than
any other platform."

The Nielsen Total Audience Report – Q1 2018 (highlights):

  • U.S. adults spend over 11 hours per day connected to media. At 4 hours
    and 10 minutes on average per day, the platform adults spend the most
    time with is live television. When time-shifted TV is added, that
    number jumps to 4 hours and 46 minutes. The next two media weren't
    even close: app/web on a smartphone (2 hours and 22 minutes) and radio
    (1 hour and 46 minutes).
  • Among video platforms in Q1 2018, live+time-shifted TV had the highest
    weekly reach with adults at 88%, followed by video focused app/web on
    a smartphone at 58%, internet connected device (devices connected to
    the TV that are used to stream content such as Apple TV, Roku, etc.)
    at 35%, video on a computer at 28% and video focused app/web on a
    tablet at 26%.
  • Total multichannel homes account for 81% of television households,
    while broadband only homes account for 6%, and the remaining 13% are
    over-the-air homes. The OTA percentage is higher in ethnic households,
    rising to 15% in Asian households, 16% in African-American households,
    and 20% in Hispanic households, which means one in five Hispanic
    households are exclusively an over-the-air home.

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